2 weeks post opp pix.

First sight, 2 wekks after surgery.

First sight, 2 wekks after surgery.


"Green army"

"Green army"

Well, i went to the hospital yesterday,looking forward to seeing wot my ankle would look like. And when they took the cast off,it looked pretty good to be honest. Alot better than i expected it to be like. Than i was hoping to have a good chat with one of the doctors about all the question’s i had to ask him,as its all still new to me. But the doctor that saw me was a waste of space! Like he was just standing in,being a fake doctor. When i’d ask him something he’d egnore me or just say ummmmm. I got more info out of the man who re-plastered my leg!!!!! The doctor did say he wants me back in plaster for 8 weeks,which was a big shock. As i have read so many people have got into the aircast boot pretty quick after the surgery. He agreed to put me in one in 4 weeks,as i’m going on holiday at christams. Could someone please tell me the advantages an disadvantages of both cast an air boot? Like can i stand up with both feet with out crutches with the boot on???? Etc???
I really think this was VERY poor service from the NHS,since i have done the injury. The only time i have felt my best intrest’s where with them was when i was in theater! The rest of the time i feel like i’m part of a very poor production line! Has any one gone through a ATR with a privet hospital or something like that? I wonder how different the service received would be????

Could people possible say where i should be with my road to recovery at 7 weeks? Walking running an dancing would be a wishful answer lol.

An i hope u like the photo’s. Feed back is welcome.

Thanx an good luck all.

First timer.

Hi there everyone. Well this is a big shock! I’ve never done this b4.An hope never to do it again! Found this website since doing my ATR in an it has been very helpfull to find out info i never knew.I’d like to say thanx to everyone who’s wrote there blogs an still writing there blogs,cause it’s helped me out alot. I never really knew how bad this injury was untill now.

I hope to post my my experiances on here to help others. I wish u all a speedy recovery as i do my self.

Take care

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