Latest Surgical Technique - Arthrex Midsubstance Speedbridge Achilles knotless Repair

I am new to this forum, and have read a lot of posts. There is some great information. Thank you to all who contribute.

However, I don’t see a lot of information about the type of surgery that people have undergone, and thought I would share the links below. I did a lot of research and was very fortunate to find a surgeon in Florida doing the procedure. He has been doing it for about a year on all fully torn achilles, including several professional athletes. I am now almost 6 weeks post ATR surgery. I had the procedure done 9 days post ski crash full ATR in Colorado. The surgery lasted 40 minutes, I have minimal scarring, very little post-surgery swelling, and no pain. I am 48 years old and in good shape. 2 weeks post-surgery I had the splint case removed and bought the fancy Vacocast Vacoped achilles boot (totally worth the $300). At 4 weeks I started PT and partial weight bearing. Again, very little swelling and no pain. I am walking now in the boot without a crutch fairly well. If the wound was completely healed my surgeon assured me I could be walking without the boot. He insists I will be playing golf at 10-12 weeks post ATR surgery in normal shoes and doing backflips at 4 months (I don’t do backflips but you get the gist).

I will update later to confirm that and my progress, but I already have good range of motion and feel like I could walk in shoes now. The benefit of this surgery is that it is minimally invasive, very low risk of nerve injury, very strong, and has no knots that can come apart. The videos from the Arthrex site are really information and convincing. Curious if others have undergone this specific procedure and how they are doing….

Here are a few links…

Update: 6/13/2018 Dr. visit today.  went to 2 shoes full weight bearing no crutches.  6 weeks, 5 days post ATR surgery.  Dr. says no concerns that tendon will rupture but to be careful and use boot in airports, etc.  Continue to more PT, but watch the wound and make sure healed before running and strenuous exercise.

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