The transition to two shoes

The last days in the boot
I went on holiday for 3 days and covered some serious ground for the first time in a while. I recorded at least 8000 steps a day - not much for a normal person, but boy that felt good in a boot! I felt really confident for the move to [...]

First physio visit

With my first ATR, I didn’t start physio until 10 weeks - my doctor  didn’t trust physio - that was a mistake. By that time,  I had lost all my strength in my foot muscles and toes and had a limping walking style.
This time,  I’ve been able to correct some of those things myself (I’ve [...]

Week 6-7 - PWB and FWB

I saw my specialist at 5 weeks, and he gave me the ok to start PWB at 6 weeks. As it happened, my right crutch broke at 5.5 weeks so I ended up bringing that forward slightly. (As an aside, if you wear through the rubber on the bottom of your crutch, a washer, some [...]