Week 4: The boring stage…

Today, it is 4 weeks since my right ATR (and 14 months and 2 weeks since my left ATR). This stage is very boring – there is very little rehabilitation to do, and normal life remains quite difficult. Still, I know that soon (in just 2 more weeks) life will get interesting again. Under my protocol, I will start partial weight bearing (“PWB”) at 6 weeks. That stage comes with a few perks, such as being able to start stationary biking!

What is happening at weeks 2 – 6? (NWB in a moon boot)

An alarm on my phone sounds every two hours – and it’s such a relief to get out of the boot! I spend 5-10 minutes removing my sock, doing my ROM exercises, doing some toe exercises (I put my toes on the ground, then lift my big toe only 10x and then my other toes only 10x), and gently massaging my leg and foot. Always in plantarflexion, of course.


Bruising at 4 weeks

I am doing my best to get out and about. There is plenty you can do outdoors on crutches  – I’ve even managed to go for a couple of ‘walks’ at the beach! There is nothing like fresh air! I also managed to get around a museum exhibit with the help of a wheelchair!


Out and about

Home chores are quite difficult at this stage. Particularly if you don’t have home help, I recommend hiring an i-walk. These guys make it possible to tidy and vacuum the house while NWB! I find it quite hard on my knee, so I can only use it in short bursts.

I am doing my best to keep as active as possible, and prepare my body for the next stage. Most days, I do a circuit of upper body and core exercises, as well as a range of NWB exercises aimed at maintaining strength in my calf (left), glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings.


NWB leg exercises

I am also keeping a close eye on my posture. I find it is quite easy to let my hip slip out of alignment, which I think contributed to some of the difficulties I had when I started walking after my left ATR. I’m hoping to avoid those delays this time!

Happy healing everyone!

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  1. Thanks for the detailed report - you’ve gotten really good at ATR recovery!

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