Week 4: The boring stage…

Today, it is 4 weeks since my right ATR (and 14 months and 2 weeks since my left ATR). This stage is very boring – there is very little rehabilitation to do, and normal life remains quite difficult. Still, I know that soon (in just 2 more weeks) life will get interesting again. [...]

Week 2 - Good bye to the cast!

Doctors visit
This week I had my plaster cast removed, my moon boot installed and my first appointment with my sports doctor.

Cast removal
My Achilles is healing well, so - as is normal in New Zealand - I will be treated non-operatively. The protocol I will follow is:
- 2 weeks equinox cast (done!)
- 1 week at 30° [...]

Week 1 - questions, equipment and diet

I spent most of Week 1 on the couch at home. After my first ATR, I found I was very tired and slept a lot during the first week. This time around, I’ve had more energy but I have forced myself to rest as much as possible. I was able to get out of the [...]