Oops I did it again… ATR #2

A little background:

I’m a 28 year old, female, lawyer, based in New Zealand. I play premier level netball.

I ruptured my left achilles tendon playing netball on 9 August 2016. I was treated conservatively, which is the normal course of action here in New Zealand. I put a lot of work into my rehab and made it back onto the netball court in April 2017!

I played the whole season of netball this year with no problems. Gradually, my jump came back. I also started training for a half marathon, and battled through shin splints and hip pain. But, I never made it to the half marathon…

On 25 September 2017, I was playing Fast 5 netball and felt another *kick* - this time in the back of my right leg. I was so frustrated I balled my eyes out - right there on court!

Soon enough, the squeeze test and an ultrasound confirmed what I already knew. I was back in a cast. On the plus side, I am a much more skilled operator of crutches this time around!

Last time, this website and in particular AgnesATR’s blog was so helpful. Now, I feel like I have some knowledge to share.

10 Responses to “Oops I did it again… ATR #2”

  1. Sorry to hear.
    This page has really helped me and it’s so good that we can share with each other.
    Do you last time how long it took before you could walk normally?

  2. It was 3.5 months before I was walking well (I went on holiday at that stage, but to Australia and we had a rental car). It was a little longer before I was doing long walks (~1 hour). However, I had some trouble learning how to walk last time - I picked up a limp so I had to restart with physio support. I’m hoping to go on holiday to Asia around 3 months this time! It’ll be a little different to what we planned but I’m determined not to cancel!

  3. You wouldn’t believe it but I already have a holiday booked in for October 31st to South America (I am from Australia).
    When I leave it will be exactly 8 weeks from the date of the injury.
    To say I am scared is a complete understatement so I’m trying to get as much advice as I am can before I leave.

  4. Wow you are keen! I was meant to go to China 7 weeks after my last ATR but I cancelled. At 7 months instead, which was lucky because we did so much walking! You’ll probably need to rely on taxis quite a lot I imagine. Good luck!

  5. Glad to hear your holiday went well and hope your next ones goes just as well.

    Unfortunately the flight was already booked before the injury and can’t change the dates. :(
    I am taking the boot with me just in case I need it to go places.

    Hows your recovery coming along?

  6. Yes, I’d definitely suggest wearing the boot whenever you are out and about - you will still be in the high re-rupture risk period at that point. Just posted about this week!

  7. I went on holiday 2 weeks after rupturing my Achilles the first time (I have ruptured mine 3 times). I hired a mobility scooter so I could still join in most of the activities and get around with the crowd we went away with. My recent rupture requires major reconstructive surgery due to the amount of damage. Good luck with the holiday!!

  8. Vicky - that is awful luck. A third rupture terrifies me! How did that happen?

  9. No way! I am so sorry Nicola! What does your doc say about the fact that you ruptured both tendons in such a short period of time? That is the biggest fear for everyone. First worrying about re-rupture and then rupturing the second leg.

    Did you take any antibiotics in the past that are known to cause tendon ruptures? Have you been exercising and stretching the “healthy” leg? Just curious if it it genetics, or?

    Well, as you said, this time around you are more experienced, so I hope the recovery passes fast for you. You did so well first time around that I am sure you will be back on the court in no time again! Once again, sorry to see you here again with a second rupture…

  10. Thanks Agnes :) Yes, it really is like I’m living my nightmare lol. No antibiotics and was doing regular yoga and calf raises, along with other training. I have a bit of family history of Achilles issues (Mum has awful tendonitis), so for now its being attributed to genetics and bad luck! I just had my 3 week check up and am healing well :) This stage goes so slowly though - I’m hanging out for PWB!!!

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