Bad Adhesion - Need ATR Veteran’s advice

I am just over 11 months post op and am back to full on workouts, running, jumping, etc. However I not happy with the way it has turned out, I have such bad adhesion that it looks and feels like my skin against achilles is glued to the tendon. When I point toes away from me you can see the skin curl or bunch up around the tendon. It doesn’t cause me any pain or problems but I still dont think I have full range of motion because of it and I don’t think my calf is recovering the way it should because it is hindered by this adhesion. I blame myself for this now as I did not seek out the BEST physical therapist out there and just went with one my surgeon sent me to. After several weeks of therapy I felt like the therapist I had was really uneducated on achilles tendon rehab. So, to those behind me find the BEST therapist out there that specializes in achilles tendon repairs! I know there are a couple veterans on here (Normofthenorth) that are very knowledgeable on the subject. The mistakes I made several months ago are obviously in the past, my question is what could be done now if anything? Should I schedule and appt to go back in to surgeon and get his opinion?

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  1. I don’t know that about this (and I’ve still got a tiny adhesion myself from my first, surgical, ATR). But I do know that many good (or at least aggressive) PTs drool at the chance to break up post-surgical adhesions. Also, I’ve heard good things (here) about an aggressive (and somewhat painful) technique called Graston (sp?) massage. It’s something like deep massage with a spoon-like implement applying pressure, maybe along with manipulation. Probably sooner is better than later, so I’d shop around for a good PT ASAP.

    Also, presumably at 11 months post-op, you can be as aggressive as you like with stretches and exercise. Sorry I don’t know the odds of breaking up an 11-month-old adhesion.

  2. I had 2 therapists - the second one was a big fan of the Graston massage. I would estimate that the PT sessions with her were about 75%. She used a plastic scraper tool.

    I will say that it was quite painful. But, I also think it was helpful. We didn’t start this until ~5months post surgery. I was left with the impression that it could be helpful at any time (such as where you’re at - 11months).

  3. I meant to say: PT sessions with her were 75% Graston massage-

  4. Sounds like I need to seek out a knowledgeable therapist and get opinion if it is fixable at this point in the recovery. Thanks for the thoughts guys….

  5. My PT also uses the Graston Technique, and she started it the day I got out of the cast (6 weeks post op.) It hurts very badly, but I feel a noticeable difference as soon as she is finished. I still have some serious adhesions, but she’s working on them every time I go. Good luck with your search.

  6. Hi Nickokie,
    How is the adhesion now at 56 weeks? Have you been doing any deep massages yourself or get back to the PT therapist for their opionion? I have not been able to have any Graston teechnique at the PT since I am still dealing with a small area of my iincision not completely closed. I am at about 37 weeks now. I do a deep massage myself daily and dig in there with a kitchen spoon as close as I can get without messing with my wound. I did ask my surgeon about doing this and he is OK with me doing my own deep massage. Since I can not push on the center of my wound area it feels like I have pushed all the scar tissue to a head and it wants to pop like a pimple. Once my wound is closed the skin will still be fragile for a time. My surgeon said he could do adhesion and scar tissue removal laparoscopy if I need it.
    Continue with happy healing. I also injured mine on box jumps at Cross Fit. I still shy away from them.

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