15.5 Long weeks and finally jogging

It has been a long summer for me this year. I am almost 16 weeks since surgery and I think I have about another 12 weeks til I am 100%. I would say I am between 60-70% right now. I can easily and quickly do double heel raises with weight evenly distributed. I can only about 1 or 2 one leg raises on my bad leg. I have started jump roping some, seems to give calf a pretty good workout. The best workout lately is running. I ran a mile yesterday and my calf is really sore today which is great. I can finally walk completely normal, even with long strides and a pretty fast pace. Seems like that period from going to 2 shoes and walking with a definite limp to now which has been about 8 weeks, has taken much longer than I expected. I don’t really have any swelling in my ankle at all anymore. Even after the mile run yesterday it didn’t swell hardly at all. I was pleasantly surprised as I expected it to swell up pretty big. However, my repaired AT is still a lot thicker than my good AT. I asked my surgeon about it yesterday at my checkup and he said over time it would go back to normal but could take up to a year. It has felt great to be able to do Crossfit again with the rest of the class. About the only thing I still can’t do at this point is double unders and box jumps. I have been doing all squats, deadlifts, lunges, running, rowing, etc with no problems. To everyone behind me in the road to recovery BE PATIENT! Things will get better and back to normal. I am getting married on October 15 and look forward to the honeymoon/vacation and am SO glad and appreciative that I will be able to walk down the aisle and dance at the reception. Hope everyone is also having a speedy recovery! Til next time go OSU Cowboys!

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  1. Glad to hear that you are doing so many exercises at 15.5 weeks. I am at 10.4 weeks and am struggling to walk without a limp. It’s good to know that things progress and improve. I agree that patience is key!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration…running seems a long ways off. Hard to believe I rN a half marathon earlier this year when I can hardly point my toes at the moment

  3. Sounds like you’re doing GREAT! You should be pretty safe to do anything that doesn’t feel crazy — though I did give myself a major setback (1 painful month!) at 17-ish weeks post-op, by overdoing 1-leg heel raises at my PT’s insistence. But I was just barely walking perfectly then, so you’re way ahead of where I was.

    I agree that patience is important for “the mental game”, but I don’t think it should be confused with being patient with a doctor or a PT who recommends a long slow rehab without any scientific evidence behind it. Virtually all the studies show that getting to PWB & WB & out-of-boot exercise and PT EARLY produces better results than waiting longer, though lots of “conservative” professionals imagine that the opposite is the case. THAT kind of “patience” is misplaced an counterproductive, IMHO!!

  4. Norm,
    Definitely agree with that. My doc I’d say has been fairly aggressive as I was back in 2 shoes at 7 weeks. However, as soon as I got the cast off at 4 weeks I was wanting to walk around the house without the boot as I was just so anxious to get back to normal. I think a lot of people want to get back on their feet sooner than they really should and without the doctor’s permission. I myself was guilty of it. I look back on it and realize I could have easily slipped or tripped and reruptured, that would have been devastating. What kind of setback did you have? Partial tear? I still have a lot of strength to get back as one leg heel raises are pretty difficult. When were you able to do multiple one leg raises?

  5. Keep it up Nick. I just ran a mile last night and boy it felt good. You and me are similar in the fact that we actually like being sore. My calf and quads are sore as heck this morning but I’m happy because it means I’m working it.

    I’ve been doing my single leg calf raises with assistance for the last 2-3 weeks. I found pushing off of a mid height counter while doing the raises helps get the most out of the raises. The first set of 12-15 I would really help myself as warm-up of sorts. The next two sets I’d let the calf do the work and push with my arms when i got stuck near the top of the raise. On the way down i’d go slow to get a really good eccentric effect. Now I do 3 sets of 15 in the morning and at night. The first 6-7 I can get through mostly unassisted then I give myself some help when the calf starts to fatigue. I figured this is the closest I can get to how I lift weights with rest of my body. At the end of set I spot myself so i can those last few reps and stimulate growth.

    Usual disclaimer: this is just what works for me. Everyone needs to create their own recipe to fit their bodies and mentalities.

  6. Thanks Pittbull, sounds like you are doing good as well.

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