9.5 weeks and update with dr

I am 9.5 weeks since surgery and although I know I am progressing every day, it seems slower now than the first 7 weeks. I can almost walk without the limp, depending on the shoes I am wearing. I have a little limp in my dress shoes, none at all in my tennis shoes. At my follow up appt my main question to my doc was when I could become more aggressive with my activities and workouts, and basically when it was healed to the point where I could quit worrying so much about re-rupture. I know every doctor has a different opinion on this but I thought he gave me some pretty valuable information that I would share. He stated the collagen in the tendon as it healed would actually weaken a little before it actually hardened back up. He also stated this was specifically between the weeks 9-12 weeks post op. This made sense as I have read numerous times on here that the most popular times that people re-ruptured was between 8-12 weeks. His answer to my question was that at 13 weeks he would clear me to start getting quite aggressive with my workouts and that I could start jogging. After what he told me I figured I have waited this long and another 3.5 weeks wouldn’t kill me. It has been nice to be back in shoes as I finally start to feel somewhat normal again. I don’t have people walking by and looking straight down at my boot or have to get up in the middle of the night and strap my boot on to go to the bathroom. I plan on playing my first round of golf next Thursday which I am pretty stoked about. I have been to the driving range a couple times so we will see how it goes. Hope everyone is doing great!

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