Did Crossfit without boot!!

Well today was great for me. I did my first real crossfit workout since the injury today without my boot. Anybody that does crossfit is pretty familiar with how intense the workouts are so I was gasping for air at the end of the WOD, but overall it felt really good to be able to get back into it.  The workout I did today was:

For time:

21 deadlifts

50 squats

21 shoulder press

15 deadlifts

50 squats

15 shoulder press

9 deadlifts

50 squats

9 shoulder press

My time was 10:32, I did only 135 on deadlifts and 95 on shoulder press so kept the weight pretty light. My tendon felt great thru the whole workout, I was very careful especially as I started to get fatigued not to step on it wrong or too abrupt. I think it was good for my whole right leg to get a good workout and get the blood flowing. I felt a little tightness at the bottom of the deadlifts and squats but no pain at all. I am 7 weeks post op and not supposed to be out of my boot yet but it seems to be gaining more and more strength every day. It actually bugs me now to wear the boot as I can feel my ankle starting to stiffen up with long periods of the boot on. Hopefully this gives some hope for the people behind me who love to exercise that you will be back at it before you know it. Just be patient!

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  1. Nick that is nuts that you’re doing squats and deadlifts without a boot on. Well done but be careful too.

    Today has been my first full day(so far) without the boot. It’s going pretty well and my stride is getting better each step.

  2. Yea I was very careful, both of those moves when done right you stay on your heels so didn’t really put any pressure on the tendon. I still don’t have a great stride walking. I can really only get close to walking normal with a tennis shoe with a tall heel. Is this the same for you? Or are you using heel wedges? I think I might need to get some heel lifts or wedges.

  3. Hey everyone! Question about preventing atrophy. Well first of all, those of you who are FWB, did u notice a significant deficiency in the overall strength of your injured leg? If not, did u work that leg slot throughout the weeks? What did u do? Any thought you cam give would be great I am at day 15 and starting to notice a little atrophy and want to prevent it as much as possible. Thx!

  4. Nick - I just moved to shoes full time yesterday and it’s been going pretty well so far. I bought an AchilloTrain through amazon and i love the thing. It has very small built in heel pad but also puts compression on the achilles and ankle so it doesn’t well if you’re upright for long period. I’ve also been doing eccentric calf raises for 4 or 5 days now (without doctors or PT blessing). Going up with the good calf, and coming down carefully on both. Calf is coming back fast. I can fake a smooth walk for a while if i concentrate but the hitch comes back when i don’t keep my focus.

    UncleBuck - I’m not sure if there’s much us normal folks can do to prevent atrophy. I thought i was doing something by flexing and pushing in my cast. Calf still came out non-existent. My quad shrunk i quite a bit too and got really soft. However, the quad comes back extra fast once you start walking (PWB, FWB, and 2 Shoes) again.

  5. *doesn’t swell if you’re upright…

    darn iphone

  6. really? thanks for the info pittbull, I think I will order one for myself. How much did it cost?

  7. I googled it and its pulling up several, can you stick the link that you ordered from in a comment, thanks buddy!

  8. Unclebuck, You sound anxious and eager but remember you are only 2 weeks out. Everyone of us will experience some atrophy of the muscles but it will come back. Are you in a position to speak to a PT? There is not a lot of exercise you can do for that muscle for moment but you could exercise other muscles. I did set up my hard tail mountain bike as a stationary bike and rode it for up to 15min on easy. Always with the boot on and starting with the heel of the boot on the pedal. It doesn’t work the calf muscles much but it helps to keep the weight off and at times I could feel the calf involved. I was about 3 weeks when I started this. It was not every day and I would stop if there was any small pain. When I first started walking in 2 shoes my PT said there was atrophy but it wasn’t bad and after 4 weeks of walking it is coming back. My advice is to work the uninvolved muscles and take one more worry off your mind. The first 3 weeks was the worst for me and then my head got some perspective. This changed everything and I suddenly realised I would get through it. Look at how many others on this site have. My other bit of advice is to start shopping for a good PT now. Find one that has experience treating this injury and ask questions about what their plan would be. I don’t know your situation with money or insurance but you will need a good PT to get through this.

  9. Stuart, thanks for the advice about PT! I will be checking into that. My insurance should cover it 100%, so that won’t be an issue. What types of questions should I ask? Do I want an aggressive approach? I have my next appt. with the surgeon in early August, which will put me at week five. When should I start PT? Before then? I guess the Doc wasn’t too clear about some of these specifics. Let me know what you think!!!! Thx!

  10. UncleBuck, you could ask questions like how many ATR’s have they treated and how they treat them. Questions about their results and in general how long will it take. How long is a difficult question for them to answer because everyone is different and they will probably only answer in general terms. A physio that will communicate with you and treat you like you are important is also a good thing. You you will probably develop a relationship with your PT. You will see them regularly and end up discussing many different things. This will come when you have trust. I had two PT sessions before my 5 week and strangely final check with the doctor. I didn’t expect much to happen but I got some massage (and my boot properly fitted) and it gave me time to ask plenty of questions. You strike me as someone who could benefit from that sort of face to face instead of trying to piece it all together by reading all the blogs. I also can’t tell you which way you need to go with your treatment. That is a matter for yourself in consultation with your PT and doctor. This term aggressive is probably a bit misleading and I think I will be careful about how I use it from now. Norm summed it up well on Jeff31’s page so you should read that if you haven’t already.

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