5 weeks post op walking around house

I am exactly 5 weeks post op today. I feel like I have progressed a ton since I got my cast off 2 weeks ago. I have my next appt on Thursday, 2 days from now. I have been FWB in my boot for a week and a half now. About 4 days ago I started walking around the house without the boot (very carefully) so my foot can get used to my body weight on it. I also took my shower chair out and am standing in the shower which I love. I hated that dang shower chair, made me feel 90 yrs old!! I have been doing my abc’s with my foot at night to help with my range of motion and icing as much as I can. My incision is almost completely healed and the scab has all fallen off, I have nice new pink skin underneath and it looks better than I expected. I will start PT next week and hope to progress even faster as I start to get strength back in the calf and tendon. It has been nice to be walking again because I can do so many little things again that I was used to doing daily. I have got back in the gym doing crossfit again and lifting weights, I can actually do some yard work again, and I can help my fiance with chores around the house. I know she is relieved as I have wore her out with things that need to be done that I usually take care of ( I am a bit anal about the yard and the house lol). I am hoping to be back in a shoe at the 8 week mark at the latest. I don’t know how many golfers there are on here but how soon did some of you guys get back playing 18 holes? That is one of the things I miss the most, I have missed a whole summer of golf so far and it is killing me! I was hoping to play by 10 weeks. Is that too soon? I hope this helps some of the people that are just starting this process or a few weeks behind me. Once you get past the first 2-3 weeks things will start to get better so keep your chin up everybody that is just starting this process.

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  1. Hey Nick: Looks like you are making very good progress. I am closing in on 7 weeks since surgery. Last weekend, I put shoes on for the first time, and I went out to the golf course and hit balls on the range. I kept to shorter distance clubs, so I could mostly keep both feet on the ground, and everything felt fine. My ATR was on my right leg, so keeping more weight on my left actually helps my game, I think. I am seriously thinking about playing on July 4th. I would take a cart of course. My biggest concern would not be hitting the ball, but more worried about stepping in a hole or something. I will be a little slower getting out of the cart and walking to my ball. I also like to work in the yard, like you, and I started that again last weekend. So, I will keep you posted on golf and let you know how things go. Good luck in your recovery.

  2. Well thats good news Chuck! Mine is my right foot as well. I was hoping by 10 weeks to be able to play a round. Sounds like you will be attempting at about 8 weeks so def let me know how that goes! I sure hope to get back in shoes as quickly as you have. Keep me posted man, I’m excited for ya.

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