Nine months on…

It’s been a couple of months since I last posted, and I’ve just been able to get on with life without thinking about my achilles.  Something that seemed almost impossible back in May when I had surgery.

Able to do pretty much what I want in terms of exercise, walks of 10+ miles, mountain biking, and 3-4 mile runs across the country side.  Yet to pick up a tennis racquet again but that can wait until summer.

Still don’t have a perfect single leg heel raise, and will admit to being completely lax in practising those over the last couple of months, so need to refocus on those again over the coming months.

It was a long and slow road back in the first couple of months post rupture, but from month 4 onwards things really picked up and it’s all but forgotten now.  Can’t wait to hit the ski slopes again in April!

And many thanks to all those who contribute here, it was a source of much knowledge and encouragement and kept me sane especially in the early months.

3 Responses to “Nine months on…”

  1. Hi nick. It’s good to see that this is a place to get knowledge and encouragement. It is good to know we can get back to life after surgery. The idea of cutting me open freaks me out.

  2. Why are you waiting until April to ski? I skied at 17 weeks post-non-op (in Whistler, with some Brits!), not a problem. Others have done about the same. Snowboarding is much harder, because most of the boots are soft.

  3. @sittingtight - It’s difficult to start, but things do improve quite quickly and sharing experiences here was very beneficial. Plus there’s plenty of successful stories here from those who’ve taken the non surgical route.

    @norm - The other half has arranged for us to go to Vietnam and Cambodia in February/March, so skiing has to wait this year.

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