Week 24

And so another month goes by, and not really having to think about my achilles any more, just getting on with life as normal which is good news.

The stiffness I was experiencing in mornings has all but gone.  Still some way to go to get full strength back in my calf.

So for all those who are still on those frustrating early stages on the road to recovery, it does get better, it just takes time! (And lots of PT).

2 Responses to “Week 24”

  1. Couldn’t agree more!!
    Like you the only thing I can complain about is the lack of strength, but as far a ‘normal’ day to day life I am fully back - it’s just that extra 30% that I require for my extreme sports that I am now working on……. heel raises at the ready

  2. I know that feeling Pegleg re the extra 30%, doing my heel raises every day. Still doesn’t feel quite strong enough for skiing, but have another couple of months to get it ready for that!

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