Week 20

Just back from a long weekend in Prague and the cobbled streets and hills certainly provided a new test for my achilles.  Lots of walking each day and the achilles felt good.  It’s nice to be able to get on with life without thinking about the achilles.

I saw my physio today and she’s happy that I don’t need to see her any more.  Not that I’m done with physio but I have my plan and will just continue with it over the coming weeks and months.

Overall, the only thing I notice is the achilles is very stiff in the morning, and even the achilles I didn’t injure seems stiff when I first get out of bed.  I’ve put that down to the fact I’m probably just much more aware of how my achilles are feeling these days.

So to those who aren’t as far along the recovery journey, hang in there, things do pick up quite quickly once you’re out of the boot.

2 Responses to “Week 20”

  1. That’s great news. I’m a bit behind you but find the same thing with stiffness in both in the mornings. Thanks for posting. Its very encouraging to read about someone just ahead.

  2. nosport45 - It’s odd how the other achilles feels so tight. Did 25k on the bike this morning and my supposedly good achilles ached for a good few hours after the ride.

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