Week 18

Saw the surgeon today, it’s now four months since my surgery.  He’s very pleased with progress, as am I, and he’s given me the green light to start jogging/running again, which is exciting news!  He expects to see me once more, in another two months, and that should be it.  And skiing again by the time the snow starts falling this winter.

Hard to believe it’s now four months on, and the incredibly frustrating times of being in a cast and then the boot do seem a long time ago.

Have been out on my mountain bike a lot and that’s feels great.  Leg feels good and calf muscle is slowly returning, a little stiffness in the mornings, and some soreness if I walk more than a couple of miles.

Single leg heel raises are coming on nicely, although I really have to focus to get the full extension.

Interestingly, the surgeon explained that’s he’s changing his recovery protocol shortly for those who take the operative route, and they’ll go straight into a boot post surgery rather than the two weeks in a cast, followed by the boot, which I had - all to do with the benefits of early weight bearing in a controlled manner.  Did say it’s a shame he didn’t make that decision about six months ago as the period NWB in the cast were very frustrating!

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  1. Yay! I hope to be snowboarding this winter too. Fingers crossed. Congrats on your progress

  2. Reading these blogs I am getting quite concerned about my progress :(

    I am now week 18 and nowhere near running. I am still limping when walking most of the time. I am in runners always and my achilles is quite sore. I’m nervous that my physio strengthened my achilles BEFORE stretching it, and that has delayed my progress.

    I have been walking around a lot more the past couple of weeks and my achilles is swollen as a result so my physio told me to not push it so hard. Im starting to get very disheartened.

  3. Steph - What exercises has your physio had you doing?

  4. Steph - not sure what you mean by ’strengthened my achilles BEFORE stretching it’. Below is some info about types of stretching for tendons. It is a bit in depth. Just add the w’s in front of it. It is also a bit hard to comment without know what sort of rehab protocol you have followed but if you are limping then shorten your stride. Concentrate on a normal gait without a limp and if that means slowing down then do that. Massage your tendon, long strokes up and down and deep. With heel raises, the important bit is the going down. Slow and controlled. If getting up is hard then hold onto a chair and go up with your good taking most of the weight and go down with the bad taking as much as you can. Do this bent and straight knee. Apart from that I would not worry about not running yet. 18 weeks is still early in the healing process. It takes a while for the good collagen to take over. This collagen is organised and aligned with the forces so you need to encourage it by loading the tendon. I am a runner but found walking the best form of rehab and as I improved I added hills and stairs to load the tendon further.


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