Week 15

Not much to report.  Have been keeping up with the exercises as advised by my physio and slowly but surely the push off in my left leg is returning. Walking is starting to become enjoyable again.  Swelling seems to have disappeared, hopefully for good.

Will see the physio again in a couple of weeks and then at the end of the month I have another follow up appointment with my surgeon.

2 Responses to “Week 15”

  1. Sounds good. Did you tell us how you ATRed while skiing? It’s happened here before, but only rarely, since ski boots are so supportive.

  2. Norm - Yes it was skiing, and as I’ve since found out it is quite rare. Still don’t really know how I did it, boot was done up tight. I caught an edge, went head over heels in a tangle of skis, ended up lying on my back and could immediately feel something was wrong. Managed to ski very slowly to the cafe on the mountain, took my boot off and immediately realized I’d done something serious as leg just collapsed on me. Whilst I’m pleased with progress to date, skiing again seems a long long way away.

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