Week 12, actually it’s week 13

Well it’s holiday time, and I’m in Miami to meet the other half who’s been here for work. ¬†Flight from London was ok, compression sock kept swelling to a reasonable level.

Have been out cycling each day which feels really good and can feel the strength returning to my leg.

The pain I’ve had down the outside of my foot has reduced but is definitely still there, hopefully the physio was right and it’s just a case of building the strength back up.

Hard to believe it’s now three months since I’ve ruptured by Achilles. ¬†It’s certainly been a slow and frustrating journey at times, but has also taught me to be more patient about life and not take so many things for granted.

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  1. Sounds good to me. You can still have some long and painful setbacks if you really overdo (as I did post-op post ATR #1, see my blog), but you should be becoming immune from reruptures soon (or now).

  2. OK, I just got hit by a big breaking wave of picayune! We all do thus, but it’s not right, and now that I’ve focused on it, it’s bugging me, so I’ll spew it out
    When we FINISH our first week (”week 1″), we’re in week TWO, not week ONE.

    Ditto, when the Timeline Wizard says we’re 12 wks since the start of treatment, we’re just into week 13. Right? (Should I care? Just get over it?)

  3. Norm - I did read your story of ATR#1 and am conscious of not overdoing things.

    And re week 13 you are, of course, correct :)

  4. Nick-that’s great to hear. You’re missing all the sunshine back home but am sure you have more rays and far better views where you are. Enjoy!
    Norm- when do we become ‘immune’ to rerupture’? Just curious

  5. I think most stats show very few reruptures after 12-13 weeks. Patients with really long slow protocols (esp. non-op) are probably vulnerable for another week or 3. Some rotten old non-op protocols go straight from long multiple casts to 2 shoes, and they’re definitely scary…

  6. Thanks. That protocol sounds older than mine! That would be scary. So 16 weeks to be safe. Erm… only 9 more weeks to the safety zone.

  7. Glad to hear about all the progress. I will probably look into a compression sock, because the moment I get better I want to travel to Florida, alot of flat and friendly surfaces.

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