Day 16 - Post op day 1

After a night where I didn’t really sleep, the nerve block I had during the surgery is wearing off, and the pain increases. ¬†Tramadol makes me feel light headed and nauseous.
So now it’s strict elevation of the foot at the level of the heart for 23 hours a day for 7 days.

Day 15 - Surgery

Arrive at the hospital at 3pm, surgery scheduled for 5pm.
Surgery goes well according to the surgeon, given meds to manage pain and swelling and discharged at 11pm.
Meds - paracetamol, tramadol and diclofenac.

Day 8

Back in the UK, I’ve found myself a local orthopaedic consultant who specialises in sports injuries and off I go to see him.
Ultrasound confirms a total rupture of my left achilles and surgery required.
Plaster front slab placed on leg whilst in minimal equinus.
Surgery arranged for one week later.
At this point I’ve also found AchillesBlog.Com [...]

Day 1

Skiing in Andorra, lovely spring skiing, left ski catches a rock under the slush and next thing I know I’m tumbling head over heels.
Lying in the snow I can feel something’s not right with my left leg, feels like my calf. ¬†Onto the back of a ski-doo and off to the medical centre.
Doctor takes one [...]