One year post surgery…

Haven’t posted for a good while, but realised I’ve just passed the one year mark post my surgery.  Life has returned to how it was before the rupture, not finding any issues with anything I want to do exercise wise.  The left leg is still a little thinner than the right, but I don’t really notice any difference in strength.

It’s interesting looking back to this time last year and all the frustrations and inconvenience of first the cast and then the boot.  But with patience and a good rehab program I’m back where I wanted to be.  So for all those in much early stages of your recovery, things do improve, do be patient, and make sure you do your physio!

Nine months on…

It’s been a couple of months since I last posted, and I’ve just been able to get on with life without thinking about my achilles.  Something that seemed almost impossible back in May when I had surgery.

Able to do pretty much what I want in terms of exercise, walks of 10+ miles, mountain biking, and 3-4 mile runs across the country side.  Yet to pick up a tennis racquet again but that can wait until summer.

Still don’t have a perfect single leg heel raise, and will admit to being completely lax in practising those over the last couple of months, so need to refocus on those again over the coming months.

It was a long and slow road back in the first couple of months post rupture, but from month 4 onwards things really picked up and it’s all but forgotten now.  Can’t wait to hit the ski slopes again in April!

And many thanks to all those who contribute here, it was a source of much knowledge and encouragement and kept me sane especially in the early months.

Week 27

Saw my surgeon last week, and he was completely happy with progress to date and discharged me from his care - that’s six months post op.

He’s also happy for me to go skiing this winter which was always the target when I ruptured back in April.

Just back from a week in Lanzarote and was able to get out on the mountain bike every day which was great fun and very pleasing as minimal stiffness after riding 25k or so each day.

Still a little way to go with the single leg heel raises, and will admit to being a bit lax in practising those over the last few weeks, so need to refocus on those again over the coming weeks.

Week 24

And so another month goes by, and not really having to think about my achilles any more, just getting on with life as normal which is good news.

The stiffness I was experiencing in mornings has all but gone.  Still some way to go to get full strength back in my calf.

So for all those who are still on those frustrating early stages on the road to recovery, it does get better, it just takes time! (And lots of PT).

Week 20

Just back from a long weekend in Prague and the cobbled streets and hills certainly provided a new test for my achilles.  Lots of walking each day and the achilles felt good.  It’s nice to be able to get on with life without thinking about the achilles.

I saw my physio today and she’s happy that I don’t need to see her any more.  Not that I’m done with physio but I have my plan and will just continue with it over the coming weeks and months.

Overall, the only thing I notice is the achilles is very stiff in the morning, and even the achilles I didn’t injure seems stiff when I first get out of bed.  I’ve put that down to the fact I’m probably just much more aware of how my achilles are feeling these days.

So to those who aren’t as far along the recovery journey, hang in there, things do pick up quite quickly once you’re out of the boot.