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Physical Therapy - Day One

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So, this past week I have been fighting “allergies” I guess you can have a fever with allergies. I was very sick and completely miserable. So not only cannot I not walk unaided I was ill. I just feel like it’s always something. It was probably a good thing I was off my foot for a little bit because I had definitely been doing too much. Taking advantage of being crutch free. Anyway throat seems to have healed and I started PT today. I was nervous because I went to PT earlier this year for my SI Joint and I know I only have 20 visits per year. Well I was right to be nervous. I only have 7 visits left!! Agghhh what am I going to do? I need to call my insurance because I think my calendar year is up in Aug but I need to check. My PT said I am looking good and thinks I am doing too much so she put the kabosh on me limping around without my boot. Since I look good I am going to come in once a wk and do my exercises at home and maybe only do PT every other week so I can continue to go longer. Insurance doesn’t make exceptions? Guess I need to look into it.