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surgery to walking in my boot!

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Luckily I got in for surgery one day after my injury. Everything ran smoothly. I actually got in earlier than I was suppose to. The first day is always so bad. I was completely miserable. I was also concerned about gaining weight. After my last injury I put on a lot of weight and I was motivated to watch what I ate this time as I was barely moving. I had good days and bad days. Not only did I get hurt which in my line of work is devastating I also was ending a 2 year relationship. Most people think my depression was only because of my injury but there was a lot going on. This was a very bad time and I every day just wanted to go to bed so the next day would come. I made it to my first post-op appt and everything was good. I was home for a few days and I noticed part of my scar was bleeding so I took off the tape and realized part of my scar had opened. Luckily I was able to get in to the Dr. the next day and I saw the Physicians Asst. She cauterized my scar and I was sent on my way. I was to go back in the next week. I took the tape off eventually and everything was closed up. I just had my 2nd post-op last thursday. All bandaging was taken off and I was instructed to start putting weight on my foot and weaning myself off the crutches. I was walking (with my boot) without crutches by this past wednesday. It is so nice to be off the crutches. I am just feeling more independent and gaining control over my life again. It’s horrible when everything is spiraling and you feel like you can’t stop it. I am more calm now and gaining perspective. This time was totally different. I was in a boot from my first visit to the Dr before my surgery and everyday after. No more casting. Why you ask….there’s a higher chance of re-rupture!! Hello I could be the poster child!