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Walking on my own!

Filed under: Uncategorized — niccig13 at 3:26 pm on Friday, July 22, 2011

I am out of my boot and so far so good. Everything happened much faster this go round. I am out of my walking boot and my ankle feels like a brick. The pain isn’t too bad. The push-off motion is where I feel the most pain. I had severe swelling in the beginning but this is suppose to be normal the more walking, standing I do. I am trying to massage my scar as much as possible but this makes my scar sore. My dr wants me out of PT which is good b/c I only have 3 visits left with my insurance this year. He said go to those 3 and have them give me a home routine. Sounds good to me. I may schedule one in a few months just to check in. My biggest concern is the lump where I am assuming they sewed me back together. The PA says it’s scar tissue and keep massaging it. The most pain is when I pointe my foot too much. I stepped wrong going down the stairs and had to bust out the ice. So not much else going on. Oh my other achilles is acting up as well. I am putting too much weight on that foot. The back pain when I got my boot off was horrible. I had shooting pains for about a day then it eased up. The body is a crazy thing and one thing really does affect the other.



Comment by lawrence9

July 23, 2011 @ 5:00 am

hi there niccig13,
How long was you in a boot for? did you have pain when FWB In the boot or was you walking pain free?


Comment by Nicole

July 23, 2011 @ 11:14 am


I was in a boot since my first visit to my Dr after the emergency room. After surgery May 6 (it seems like so long ago) I was wrapped in an ace but believe I was still in the boot. June 2 they moved my boot to 90º and I was told to start putting weight on with my crutches and wean myself off. That was a Thursday. My boot was at 90º but my foot wasn’t!! It hurt like crap but I was massaging and gradually putting weight on and by Tuesday I was fully putting weight on without crutches. It hurt a little in the beginning but by the end I was walking in the boot pain free. Moving rather quickly. I went to the dr on July 14 and he took me out of the boot then. I’m moving slower now but it gets better everyday. i walked on the treadmill in therapy the other day. Started doing heel raises on 2 feet. I’m not going very high but it’s a start. It’s the push off point of walking when i feel any sort of pain. My leg is like a brick so massage, massage massage. Trying not to get frustrated. Hope this helps!


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