12 weeks - jogging

It’s almost 12 weeks post op and I’ve finally been given the ok by the physio to start jogging. It felt strange at first, not too sure if I was jogging normally or if my stride was shorter on the bad leg! Definitely felt good to be be able to run though!


I’ve been walking without crutches for a few days now and it feels so good! I’ve got 3 weeks left in the boot now and then I’m onto 2 shoes, can’t wait!

2 weeks post op

It’s been 2 weeks since surgery now and I’ve had my cast removed and now I’m in the boot 03/30/09. I can’t take it off at all yet for showering/physio etc but I feel like I’m making some progress. Another appointment in a week and they’re going to adjust the angle by about 10′. It’s so much larger and heavier than the cast but I guess I’ll get used to it!

On crutches

Following surgery I’m now in a cast for 2 weeks. After that I’ve been told I’m going to go into the walking boot for 6 weeks. I hate being on crutches!!! I literally can’t do anything or go anywhere! I was on crutches for 2 weeks prior to surgery, and now i’m almost a week post-op so I’ve been 3 weeks now. I want to be able to walk! A week to go until I hopefully get the boot and I can’t wait.

How long does it take to be able to walk without crutches?

My story

I ruptured my achilles at an indoor athletics competition - 200m relay. It happened literally on the line, I finished and felt a huge pain in my achilles and fell to the ground. Couldn’t put any weight on it at all and had to be carried away.
Went to the physio the following day who said it was a partial tear but advised me to go to A&E. I went and they said it was just a STRAIN!!! They told me to rest it. Rest I did for the next week but then I again visited the physio and he sent me to the hospital again but this time with a letter telling them I needed a doctor to properly examine it. Ended up spending 5 hours in A&E whilst various people looked at it. They decided it was a partial tear but I would need an ultrasound. This would decided whether I needed surgery or just conservative treatment.
Had the ultrasound the following day which showed a partial tear of 5mm. The next day I was told that I would need an MRI scan as they wanted to be sure on the best treatment as I’m young and want to get back to competing at a national level in athletics. So….had the MRI then went in to be told the results. Dr told me I had a COMPLETE RUPTURE!! Surgery would be the only way of getting me back competing again so I was admitted that day. Surgery was the following day then I stayed in that night also.

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