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well by now id should have been 9 months into recovery but
have had some major setbacks …. after getting to ” shoes last sept and going back to work , i was enjoying a day with my nephew who was 12 months old , i was playing on the floor with him then went to pick him up and the worst pain ever (again) shot up my heel … back down to a&e and a hour later confirmation id re-ruptured my heel ! i was devestated to say the least …… iwas put back in a camboot and told i could walk on it ( which was wrongly diagnosed)and told to return in 4 wks …….in october i returned and said i could go back to 2 shoes but icould only limp and my heel was so sore …… i went back to my consultant in december who by now took a little longer with me including x rays and a scan only to be told my tendon looked liked a “dogs dinner” !!!!!!!!! all mashed and stringy , he said i should not have been allowed to leave a& e that september bearing any weight !!!!!!!! so after a 3 month wait and one cancelation i am having my second operation on wednesday which involves removing the tendon from my big toe and attaching to what s left of my achilles heel ….ive been told the heeling process is alot longer this time with 6 weeks in plaster then another 12 in a camboot .. but whats 18 week s when ive been injured since last june …………