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hello fellow bloggers , its been a while but then the healing process is … i went to see my surgeon this week , talk about in and out in 5 minutes . he said time for physio !!!!!!! yeh but ( i hate buts ) im allowed to wear my trainers around the house “but” still wear the cam boot when going out mmmmmm . got home and of course my trainers were straight on. weird feeling but nice , slight rubbing on my scar , not too bad . so physio next week with a distant cousion . his physio dept is half a mile away which is really good . my husband took me down to the local car park for a test drive in the car , i was  very nervous but not as much as he was went i drove out onto the junction to go home “WHAT THE HELL ” he shouted hee hee well ive got to start some time …….he s been dropping hints on how much less fuel he s been using since my injury … PAY BACK TIME !!!!!! got home safe well i have been driving for 18 yrs . but i do have to say a massive thankyou to my husband , mum ,dad, my 2 children and friends . they have been soooo patient and helpful . especially my husband who ive been married for 15 months now . he works 12 hr days and then came home to cook , clean and look after me i bet when he said on our wedding day ” in sickness and in health” that 15 months later he would be put to the test in a massive way . it just goes to show he was the man for me xxxx thank you marc xxx i love you xxx ……. so to all you bloggers week one or week 20 , chin up and keep in touch , i will let you all know how physio goes . good luck and keep hopping x