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4 wks post op , depression kicking in…….

hi fellow members ,i log in daily to read everyones posts and although most are positive i cant help but feel down at the moment . its been 4 weeks today since op and my wound is healing nicely but im not seeing my surgeon til the 22 nd of this month…… my boot which was fitted after op is loose due to my ever shrinking leg and to go out to our local supermarket once a week is no longer the highlight it used to be .i read posts about 4 to 6 months later and think AARGHHH thats ages away , i wont be able to go back to work until im fully recovered as we have 2 flights of stairs (no lifts) and my wrist is so weak due to crutches i find it hard to lift up my coffee cup and i need my coffee !!!!!! friends do call which is nice but other than that i tend to sleep to pass the time….. it all seems never ending , i long for my manipulation of my foot and to start pt , the only positive thing ive managed to do is lose my first 14 lb which would normally send me in cart wheels ,but i cant LITERATLY even do that . sorry for my moan and roll on the 22nd x