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what about the concert ?

i booked tickets two months ago to see def leppard/ white snake for july 14 th , thought damn cant go because its a standing only event . i phoned up the arena today and explained what had happened , after a very long five minutes wait , they said i would be escorted with my husband to a designated seating area !!!!!!!! happy happy days . no i wont be able to jump up and down , but ill be there ….. THERE IS A GOD XXXX

how to upload pics ???

i told you im not very good at this blogging ,ispent all last night trying to upload pic s of my injury from my laptop , i nearlly threw the damn across the room , then remembered it s my life line at the moment , please can any one give me some advice . also hopped on my scales today , it flipped over onto my good foot which now displays an angry looking bruise !!!!! not a good 24 hours : (