holiday from hell



hiya  fellow bloggers , well i had my op on wednesday had spinal again ( would recommend it) the surgeon removed the tendon from my toe and attached it to my heel was back on the ward 3 hrs later felt ok . had to have a shot of morphine late at night but that was it . i was home the next morning , leg in plaster not too much pain which is weird compared to last time ???????? had my first fall this a.m : n.b dvt stockings & laminate flooring a big no no bit shocked but ok except a bruised butt lol so resting for 6 weeks nwb with a cast change in 3 weeks to check on wound healing … just to make things worse my 15 yr old has glandular fever …. he s in more pain than me so thank goodness we have two sofa s lol hope your all keeping well x nerys


well by now id should have been 9 months into recovery but
have had some major setbacks …. after getting to ” shoes last sept and going back to work , i was enjoying a day with my nephew who was 12 months old , i was playing on the floor with him then went to pick him up and the worst pain ever (again) shot up my heel … back down to a&e and a hour later confirmation id re-ruptured my heel ! i was devestated to say the least …… iwas put back in a camboot and told i could walk on it ( which was wrongly diagnosed)and told to return in 4 wks …….in october i returned and said i could go back to 2 shoes but icould only limp and my heel was so sore …… i went back to my consultant in december who by now took a little longer with me including x rays and a scan only to be told my tendon looked liked a “dogs dinner” !!!!!!!!! all mashed and stringy , he said i should not have been allowed to leave a& e that september bearing any weight !!!!!!!! so after a 3 month wait and one cancelation i am having my second operation on wednesday which involves removing the tendon from my big toe and attaching to what s left of my achilles heel ….ive been told the heeling process is alot longer this time with 6 weeks in plaster then another 12 in a camboot .. but whats 18 week s when ive been injured since last june …………


hello fellow bloggers , its been a while but then the healing process is … i went to see my surgeon this week , talk about in and out in 5 minutes . he said time for physio !!!!!!! yeh but ( i hate buts ) im allowed to wear my trainers around the house “but” still wear the cam boot when going out mmmmmm . got home and of course my trainers were straight on. weird feeling but nice , slight rubbing on my scar , not too bad . so physio next week with a distant cousion . his physio dept is half a mile away which is really good . my husband took me down to the local car park for a test drive in the car , i was  very nervous but not as much as he was went i drove out onto the junction to go home “WHAT THE HELL ” he shouted hee hee well ive got to start some time …….he s been dropping hints on how much less fuel he s been using since my injury … PAY BACK TIME !!!!!! got home safe well i have been driving for 18 yrs . but i do have to say a massive thankyou to my husband , mum ,dad, my 2 children and friends . they have been soooo patient and helpful . especially my husband who ive been married for 15 months now . he works 12 hr days and then came home to cook , clean and look after me i bet when he said on our wedding day ” in sickness and in health” that 15 months later he would be put to the test in a massive way . it just goes to show he was the man for me xxxx thank you marc xxx i love you xxx ……. so to all you bloggers week one or week 20 , chin up and keep in touch , i will let you all know how physio goes . good luck and keep hopping x


hi all just thought id let you know how my 2nd visit to see my surgeon went ……….ive had my cam boot now since day one (due to having to fly back from my hols) i hobbled in with my crutches much to the amazement of my dr after him telling me nwb for 6 wks oppsss . but he was pleased and altered my boot to full 90 degrees and said use crutches for 3 more wks then MAYBE 2 shoes for next visit (aug 12 th) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yehhhhhhhh im getting there . it feels so great to hear him say 2 shoes that i asked could i may be go swimming now … but alas no , one day at a time was his reply . oh well i can now go from nwb to pwb thats cool with me xxxxxxxx happy healing to you all xxxx p.s i made it to the def leppard concert , by passed the queue and was treated fantastically ( worth hiring a wheelchair if you really need to get out ) ciao 4 now xxx

4 wks post op , depression kicking in…….

hi fellow members ,i log in daily to read everyones posts and although most are positive i cant help but feel down at the moment . its been 4 weeks today since op and my wound is healing nicely but im not seeing my surgeon til the 22 nd of this month…… my boot which was fitted after op is loose due to my ever shrinking leg and to go out to our local supermarket once a week is no longer the highlight it used to be .i read posts about 4 to 6 months later and think AARGHHH thats ages away , i wont be able to go back to work until im fully recovered as we have 2 flights of stairs (no lifts) and my wrist is so weak due to crutches i find it hard to lift up my coffee cup and i need my coffee !!!!!! friends do call which is nice but other than that i tend to sleep to pass the time….. it all seems never ending , i long for my manipulation of my foot and to start pt , the only positive thing ive managed to do is lose my first 14 lb which would normally send me in cart wheels ,but i cant LITERATLY even do that . sorry for my moan and roll on the 22nd x

what about the concert ?

i booked tickets two months ago to see def leppard/ white snake for july 14 th , thought damn cant go because its a standing only event . i phoned up the arena today and explained what had happened , after a very long five minutes wait , they said i would be escorted with my husband to a designated seating area !!!!!!!! happy happy days . no i wont be able to jump up and down , but ill be there ….. THERE IS A GOD XXXX

how to upload pics ???

i told you im not very good at this blogging ,ispent all last night trying to upload pic s of my injury from my laptop , i nearlly threw the damn across the room , then remembered it s my life line at the moment , please can any one give me some advice . also hopped on my scales today , it flipped over onto my good foot which now displays an angry looking bruise !!!!! not a good 24 hours : (

first visit / two weeks post op.

went to the fracture clinic this morning , was slightly worried as i slipped last night and put full weight on my foot , intense pain and skin around staples were red ,hot and swollen ……. trust me . saw dr khan who checked my scar and said all was looking good and the staples could come out!!!!!! the nurse was fantastic , felt slight pin pricks , she redressed my leg and thr doctor said 3 more weeks of no weight bearing then he will start to ajust the angle of my cam boot . i can see this is going to be a long process but little steps (pardon the pun) and ill get their in the end . also went off to tesco s to have a spin on the mobility scooter….. high light of my week !!!!!!!!


what time is it ?

is it just me that wakes up at 6 a.m every morning ? its driving me mad , i know when i take my painkillers i usually nod off for an hour as they make me sleepy but no matter what time i go to bed i wake up early . its such a long day being laid up as it is …… sorry people for my moan , but its getting me down . any suggestions ? cheers x

Hello world! week one ………

 Hi all my name is nerys ,

 im not very good at this blog thing but sure ill be a pro by the end of time it takes me too get back on my feet . it s nice to speak and read about each others experiences . ive got a long way to go but good luck to you all and a speedy recovery x read my pages about me and how i stupidly injured my self ciao 4 now x