There goes the achilles

Hi everyone,

After rupturing my achilles I went looking on the web and came across this site, so thought i would join and add my sorry story to the list.

I got my ATR while playing basketball 2 weeks ago (13th October), a couple of days after turning 30. Was right at the end of the game as well,  just as we were pushing for a win (we ended up losing which didnt help). I had no real idea of what I had done, just knew that at the time I did it, it hurt like hell. Barely hopped to the sideline and sat down, shoe off and started icing it straight away. After about 10 minutes the pain mostly stopped, but foot didnt feel right and hadnt swelled at all, so I was getting a little worried. It was my right achilles, so I couldnt drive, and thought I had better call my mum whos a  nurse just to see what se thought (and get me home). Well she arrived took a look and said “youve done your achilles, lets got to the hospital.” So off we went.
Arrived at the hospital, was told there was a 2 hour wait (yay) and sat down and waited. When I finally got in, doctor looked at my leg for about 10 seconds and confirmed my mothers opinion. Interestingly wasnt given a test or anything else.

Had a front cast put on and an appointment made to see an ortho surgeon.

2 boring days pass and its time for my appointment with the surgeon. This time I do have the thomson test done and he again confirms the ATR. I am booked in for surgery on the 20th, so a week after the injury. He also tells me to get a CAM walker and to take of the front cast. I am to wear to around and also to bring it with me to the hospital because I will  be going back into it straight after the surgery (no plaster for me).

More boring days pass. Its finally the 20th and feeling very hungry I head to the hospital. Go through all the motions and am told I am LAST on the surgeons list for the day so wait a while…..GRRRR. I settle and wait. Thankfully something has changed on the surgeons schedule and around 2.30pm I am told to get ready. So I get on the bed, go through more motions and get a needle and off to sleep I go.

Wake up in recovery in a huge amount of pain, I remember my good leg shaking and a nurse asking me if im in pain. I say YES and after a couple of shot of morphine im still not feeling crash, so they give me something else…well whatever it was, it was awesome, all pain suddenly gone.

Spend the night in the hospital, slept ok (probably because of the drugs) and get to go home at noon the day after surgery. Pretty much as soon as I got home the pain started again, so I took the tablets they I was given, helped a little, but was in pain for most of that day and didnt have a good nights sleep.

The next day is a bit better, and by the the third day I am pain free and off the tablets. Given I am currently 13 days post op, I have been pain free for 11 days.

The thing I really like though is that I was put in a CAM walker straight away. While I am NWB, at least I can lie down and take it off for 30mins to an hour and just have my foot breath a little. Still have the bandages on but its so much more comfortable than being in plaster.

I will be seeing my surgeon in 4 days, so I will report back then. :)