Double Trouble!!

Hi My name is Ben from Melboure, Australia

I recently (19th September) had surgery to repair a “2nd Rupture” of my right achilles tendon.  As so many people have written, it is so frustrating and there just seems to be no way of fast tracking the recovery.  I was so close to getting my CAM Boot off from my initial rupture (June 26th, 2011) and now to be going through the whole 6 weeks of cast, 6 weeks of Boot again, then rehab… - it’s doing my head in!!!

The 2nd time around I’ve also had some of my BIG TOE tendon taken in order to graft my achilles back together.  Has anyone experienced anything similar?  What did you do re work, recovery and even things like exploring or implementing insurances to ensure you give yourself the “Best opportnity” to recover back to normal and keeping your finances under control?

I’m sure so many people having joined this Blog have asked themselves these sort of questions - so look forward to getting any advice?

Good luck everyone going through the achilles recovery process and keep your heads up!  I know its hard but hopefully by sharing my experiences and hearing the trials and tribulations of others, it all helps in achieving a positive outcome and keeping our sanity!



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  1. Ben - it’s good to have someone else from Oz here but not in your circumstances. There have been a few re-ruptures with people on this site of late. What would be helpful is some information on how it happened and what sort of things you had been doing leading up to it. Passing this information on to people is valuable and could help prevent other such devasting events. The tendon graft is quite common so I hope you get some info from others. I won’t be arround much soon so I hope it goes well. Ali39 had a tendon graft but from a different source if that helps. About to move from Sydney to become a mexican. I have a small farm in the Vic High Country near Falls Creek. Have to build a shed and then a house. We were about to start when I ruptured mine so I have had to be very patient through this recovery, sit out the winter in Sydney and make sure I did not re-rupture. I have just gone past 5 months and although not 100% I know I am well on the way. Started running a few weeks ago but now my knees are sore so I have backed it off. .

  2. Hi Stuart
    Thanks for your comments. Sounds like you’re in for a true ‘Sea Change’ of sorts. Beautiful part of the world, although I mut say since moving to Melbourne from Sydney 11 years ago - we’ve typically gone to Hotham for skiing over Falls.
    Certainly looking forward to that day when I can safely strap the skiis on again!
    With my first rupture back in June - it was 3/4 of the way through a game of Indoor cricket - doing nothing dynamic and just went BOOM! The second time around was in my own kitchen whilst preparing some pizzas for myself and my kids. Unbeknownst to me at the time, our small dog had snuck into the kitchen as well and as I moved to get something of another bench - trod on her foot - she yelped and I ‘jumped’. Problem was having the kids in kitched (6 & 4 years old) and a knife - I just instictively thought of getting the knife out of harms way. I was wearing the boot but went on an angle such that the rubber on the base didn’t grip and fell flat on the ground with too much impact on my injured leg.
    At the time there was a lot of pain but it felt like it was higher up the calf. When I took the boot off an tried to feel for the tendon and any gaps - I couldn’t feel any holes (as I could when first did it). This was the Father’s Day wekend on Fri 2nd Sept - only 1 week away from getting my boot off too!! The pain subsided over the weekend to a degree and I was able to walk again - although quite gingerly. I later found out that the other muscles around your calf area will evntually compensate for the tendon - hence why I was able to walk. The first time though I remember not having any power in my foot at all and walking seemed impossible.
    Anyway the following Thurs 8th it was confirmed via MRI and Ultrasound as a full re rupture - in fact with what looked like a 5cm gap this time?
    So what’s the lesson to be learnt???
    1) Be very careful around young kids - as they don’t fully understand
    2) Be extra careful around family pets
    3) As hard as it is to be patient when everyone around you seems to move at twice the speed - BE PATIENT
    4) Talk about the frustrations with your partner and even forums like this - as ‘venting’ seems to really help. I now know that unless you’ve been through what we have - you don’t fully understand how limiting it is.
    5) Whatever you do - try and avoid doing it TWICE!!

    I have my follow up appointment today with my surgeon to see the full extent of the damage and hopefully learn a little more about my steps to recovery! So will post some info after this!

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