Double Trouble!!

Hi My name is Ben from Melboure, Australia

I recently (19th September) had surgery to repair a “2nd Rupture” of my right achilles tendon.  As so many people have written, it is so frustrating and there just seems to be no way of fast tracking the recovery.  I was so close to getting my CAM Boot off from my initial rupture (June 26th, 2011) and now to be going through the whole 6 weeks of cast, 6 weeks of Boot again, then rehab… - it’s doing my head in!!!

The 2nd time around I’ve also had some of my BIG TOE tendon taken in order to graft my achilles back together.  Has anyone experienced anything similar?  What did you do re work, recovery and even things like exploring or implementing insurances to ensure you give yourself the “Best opportnity” to recover back to normal and keeping your finances under control?

I’m sure so many people having joined this Blog have asked themselves these sort of questions - so look forward to getting any advice?

Good luck everyone going through the achilles recovery process and keep your heads up!  I know its hard but hopefully by sharing my experiences and hearing the trials and tribulations of others, it all helps in achieving a positive outcome and keeping our sanity!