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  1. I got an Achilles tendon rapture on 28th Jun 2012 in New Delhi in my right leg.

    I am 74 years old very active male, regular morning walker and a golf player. My weight is 79 kgs and height 1.78 metres.
    On 28th June 2012 while walking on a pavement in New Delhi, at about 9.30 p.m., my right foot hit an uneven pavement and i fell forward. I got with the help of some passerby and was able to walk with some limp. There was absolutely no pain. I moved my other limbs to see if there is any major injury like fracture but there was none. I noticed twice that my right foot buckled when load was put on but then I was able to walk to my car parked about 10 metres away. I was able to drive 15 kms to my apartment. Only thing I noticed that by only right foot movement I was only able to press for speed upto 60 kmph.

    A local doctor examined it said looks only some sprain and cold & hot compress will help. I slept well( took 2.5 mg compose) No pain in the morning also was able to walk with a limp and right foot was able to take load when left foot was off the ground.

    Was examined by a orthopedic at about 11.30 a.m on 29th Jun,12 he diagnosed Achilles tendon rapture. X-ray also showed the same. There was considerable growth of bone at the heel and one bone chip had come off. Orthopedic suggested a surgery.

    Second opinion was taken from another orthopedic in my regular hospital. He confirmed the diagnosis on Achilles tendone rapture. I was not able to stand on my right foot toes. Since I was still able to move my foot some what orthopedic diagnosed partial rapture.

    He suggested both surgical as well as non- surgical treatment, but recommended non-surgical treatment to avoid any other complications at my age with reduces blood circulation in the lower limbs. The orthopedic indicated that in a rare case this treatment does not succeed surgical treatment is possible later also.

    I less tha 20 hours from the time of incidence my right leg has been put in a cast, covering from 15 cms above the knee to just short of toe.

    I am mobile with the help of a walker. Was advised not to use wheel chair.
    Only problem is swelling of leg.I have been advised to keep the leg raised while sitting and sleeping. Also have advised to wiggle my toes and tighten and loosen my thigh muscle.

    The cast is to be on for two moths and orthopedic has asked me to consult him after one month i.e. end of July.

    I will like to know from other bloggers, what I need to do to ensure good heeling

    I need advise what to do or not to do to ensure good healing in two months time when my cast may be opened.


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