Won the World Series - Game Over

Well, it has again been quite some time since my last post.  Let’s see, where to begin.  Ok, I took the trip out of the country, did not play baseball, was the manager/coach, as it was only 5 months post surgery.  My mind said yes, but my body said no.  I got plenty of exercise, [...]

Getting Ready for the Playoffs, . . .

Ok, sportsfans, here’s the latest:
I’m 6 weeks post surgery.  Saw the doc on 10-29 and all is good - I’m healing well, ahead of the curve, etc.  The doc says I’m possibly going to break his patients’ record of quickest recovery.  He showed me a picture of a tri-athlete, doing an Ironman event at 9 [...]

Making it through the regular season, . . .

It has been quite some time since my last post and I appreciate all of the information, suggestions, etc.  Thanks to all.  The great thing about this website/blog  is the great support for each other.  So here’s the Reader’s Digest of my story:
At the outset, I consider myself really lucky since I appear to be [...]

Hello world!

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