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7 Responses to “Recent cut (not rupture) AT”

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  2. You’re teasing us, mtedv! Cut ATs are one of the (few) categories that I think might benefit from surgery, because (a) the normally intact “paratenon” (the sheath that surrounds the AT) seems to play a “magic” role in helping the two ends of a “normally” torn AT to pull together and heal non-surgically, and (b) the paratenon is virtually always cut when an AT is cut, so it’s not there to do its “magic”. Ergo. . .

    OTOH, I think we’ve had a few cut ATs repaired non-surgially here. Maybe sucessfully, I’m not sure. . .

  3. hi there am new on here so please bear with me
    i have just stumbled across this site
    i ruptured my achilles 2/6/2010when helping out at a RTA ,i was put in a cast for 6 days to return to ortho dept where i decided against the operation and decided to let nature take its course i was recast with my foot fully equine for 5 weeks returned again recast for a further 3 weeks semi equine my last visit was 2/8/2010 were i was fitted with a removable boot in the neutral position which iam removing for bathing and sleeping
    just not sure what i should be doing at the moment
    as i have not even seen the same consultant twice
    and all the questions i asked he did not seem very sure of the answers .
    i am to return to ortho dept in just over two weeks for next appointment were they said they would start me walking then on for some physio i would like to know if i should be doing some light excersises at the moment when the boot is off or not ,
    it feels ok now apart from a little swelling and tenderness when lifting my toes.
    thanks in advance for any help and advice brianw

  4. BrianW, is RTA short for Regional Transportation Authority? Was your AT cut and not ruptured, like the Original Poster here, or did you just choose a page that looked “blank”? And “2/6/2010″ and “2/8/2010″ must refer to the second days of June and August, right?

    Check out for a good modern protocol (including an exercise schedule) that produced great results without (and with) surgery in a good-sized pool of (randomized) patients.

    It’s much faster than what you’ve done so far, which seems much closer to your father’s “conservative” protocol — which produced results much worse than surgery, unlike the UWO protocol, which produced the same or better.

    But what’s done is done, and you should be able to race through that exercise schedule at double or triple speed, going from the “2 weeks” exercises to the “12 weeks” exercises in a few weeks. Don’t try to catch up right away, but you should be able to catch up some. My own educated instincts say: Don’t do anything that hurts, and go easy on anything that contracts your calf or involves a lot of dorsi flexing. And don’t combine weight bearing and exercise for a while.

    I hope “they would start me walking” doesn’t mean that you’re still on crutches after 9 or 10 weeks, but that you’re already FWB on the boot. The UWO protocol calls for FWB (”as tolerated”) starting at 4 weeks, and “wean off boot” at 8.

    And start a blog (follow the instructions on the top of the main page) and fill in the details so we can discuss your case and leave this page for mtedv’s!

  5. hi normofthenorth
    first i must apologise for butting in in the wrong place
    was not sure how to start a profile etc
    rta is uk abreviation for road traffic accidentand the dates are correct i know we set them out different to you , my tendon was ruptured not cut.

    i have been asking about excercise throughout my injury at the ortho dept on my appontments to which i have still not had a straight answer ,

    i have the removable boot athe moment and i am not sure weather i should be wearing it 24/7 or removing for sleeping or just bathing .

    i have been pretty active throughout sometimes to active as you say( dont do anything that hurts) was my
    rule of thumb,but running my own business and ATR
    did not seem so easy thank god for family and friends.

    i am able to FWB now as i have been in the cast not sure if i should be or not but sometimes needs must
    i will check out theUWO protocol and try to follow it .

    but i have been reading a few blogs on here and i dont want to risk rerupture as in the case of david from manchester .
    anyway thanks again and i will try and set up my profile and start a blog .

  6. Normofthenorth, not what I wanted to hear. My OS who has a reputation for operating first and asking questions later surprisingly went non surgical for me. I am having a followup MRI in september and hope for significant healing. I am FWB and walking with two shoes but the OS recommends no PT yet.

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