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Dec 10 2011

26 weeks- no surgery, trying electric acupuncture

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After putting up for a few months of tendonitis after my ATR I have started to try electric acupuncture. Had my first session yesterday. I usually feel about pain of 4/10 in my heel in the evenings and last night it was about 1/10. Best night in the last 6 months by far! Going back for another session next Friday. Anyone had a crack at this?

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Dec 01 2011

25 weeks no surgery- finding this very tough and very slow

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So almost 6 months in, I look back and see good progress. Not as much as I would have liked though. After being told to expect  6-12 months recovery from most people, and being a very competitive person, I was ready to have this sorted in 6 months. What I have realised is that my mind is not in control of this injury, my body is. I need to listen to my body and what it is telling me more than I usually do. It is a complete mind change for me. When riding I liked to remember the saying ‘pain is weakness leaving the body’. Definitely not the attitude for an ATR.

I have read peoples blogs but recently I read them and feel I am behind so many people out there it is makeng me feel pretty down, so I read this site less.  At the end of the day 6 months ago I could not walk so I have moved forward. It is probably a good idea to write down what I can/can’t do now, for my benefit and hopefully others too, so:

I can walk without a limp from about half an hour after I wake up to about 7:00 at night. resting makes things stiffen up. I can do two footed heel raises easily but the weak calf aches in a non-painful way when doing this. I am doing 2 foot heel raises, transfer to injured leg, hold for 5 seconds, drop back down slowly 3 sets of 15, 4 times a day (this is with support by having my hands on a bench.

I can do 1 foot heel raises to about half the normal height when my foot is about 30cm back from  the bench, leaning on the bench  1 set of 15, 3 times a day. I can run for short distances (chasing my 4 and 2 year old kids round the back yard) slowly with some discomfort. I can ride my road bike to work about 10 min away of a flat road with no pain at all. I can walk on tippy toes ok-ish. Stairs are ok but get I pain in the back of my heel.

I still have pain, primarily at the bottom of my achilles/heel junction. I mainly get pain there when on the font of my foot walking. In the evening the pain aches there even when sitting down. My PT is ok although she is meant to be very good. Maybe I am just bummed at her that my progress is so slow. Basically I have never had a massage from her, no utrasound. Got some acupuncture from her my that did not help.

My exercises from her for the last 10-12 weeks have basically been 2 foot heel raises up and down and also two foot heel raises up, pause on bad foot only, down on bad foot slowly. I am getting so bored of these. She says I need to get more strength in my ankle/leg (be able to raise it higher when doing my heel raises , start doing 1 foot raises) before I can start really strengthening it with outer exercises. She acknowledges I am a slow healer.

Is is worth getting second opinion or should I just keep going along slowly and see gradual progress as progress nevertheless. Are there other exercises people can recommend? Summer is here in NZ and I and to be part of it!

Will be checking this site more so replies would be great!

Happy healing and take it easy all!

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