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Oct 08 2011

18 weeks, no surgery - on downer with tendonitis

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Yeah I have not been back in about 3-4 weeks ‘cos it is getting tough. I had a ultrasound this week and an appointment with the doctor at the hospital as I am still experincing constant apin in my achilles when walking when I put weight on the ball of my foot. The outcome was that my tendon has healed properly but I haven tendonitis.

Put in a nutshell it is basically my healed tendon has been doing too much work the last 8 or so weeks as my calf has shrunk so much. The tendon has started to do the work my calf should be doing resulting in tendonitits. In hindsight I should have taken my exercises a bit slower but that is with hindsight. What you could do in life if you had that as your superpower.

The doc said that the solution with tendonitis is to rest. However he said that that would not help me as I after the ‘rest’ my tendon would still be doing the work of my calf as it would still be weak.  What I need to do is exersise my calf to strengthen it so it will work properly and basically put up with the pain until I get there. So two foot heel raises and stretching is the plan for now. Doc said could be 2 months (although he gave me a 3 month prescription of diclofenac!).

So here I am battling on. No offense to people out there in achillesblogland but one of the things I am finding really tough is knowing I am now behind most people. The thing I am finding hardest about this is hearing what other people  are doing and how well they are progressing. It sounds so selfish but I am sure you all will understand where I am coming from.  Reading what people are doing makes me feel down about how slow I am going.

So people, my advice it take it easy, do not try to be the fastest healer you can be by doing lots on your newly healed tendon or it might just turn around and tell you to piss off. The result… tendonitis. More issues.

I will check this post to see if anyone has any words of encouragement or advice. Things are pretty tough but I do know I will get there it is now just a matter of when. Happy healing and take it easy all.

I do not mind the pain idea when exercising as long as I know I am allowed to feel it.

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