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Sep 13 2011

14.5 weeks, no surgery - backwards I go, too much too soon.

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Yeah I am pissed off with myself.

Thinks were going really well up to about  9 days ago, no real pain, increasing ROM, 2 foot heel lifts, 30 min sessions on the exercycle etc, very slight hobble when walking etc. Unfortunately the last week the pain has increased and I have been getting pain in my achilles and the back of my heel, along with quite a swollen ankle. People at work have been telling me i am limping more than usual too. Not cool at all.

To cut a longish story short I have gone back a 3 or so weeks with my progress. After seeing my PT today I need to start icing my achilles for 10 min 3 times a day.  Following each ice session I am to rub/massage arnica cream on my AT area. I am also on anti-inflammatory pills. No more WB exercises either, just that stretching by putting my knee to the wall one, and heel raises while sitting in a chair whilst tensing my calf muscle. I have to walk with a heel raise in my shoe too, walk shorter and slower steps.

So it could be much worse eh. I see this setback very much as just a timely reminder to me that I am not superhuman and I should not try to prove to myself I can get back to riding (which I REALLY miss) quickly by pushing myself harder. That is tough- to change that way of thinking as riding mountain bikes is all about pushing yourself as hard as you can. I do miss that feeling of pushing myself. It is a 12 month injury and I have in recent weeks looked at that as a goal I need to beat by as much as I can by upping the ante as much as is comfortbale. My body has just reminded me- No you can’t.

So yeah, my advice today- take it easy, I know I need to.

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