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Sep 13 2011

14.5 weeks, no surgery - backwards I go, too much too soon.

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Yeah I am pissed off with myself.

Thinks were going really well up to about  9 days ago, no real pain, increasing ROM, 2 foot heel lifts, 30 min sessions on the exercycle etc, very slight hobble when walking etc. Unfortunately the last week the pain has increased and I have been getting pain in my achilles and the back of my heel, along with quite a swollen ankle. People at work have been telling me i am limping more than usual too. Not cool at all.

To cut a longish story short I have gone back a 3 or so weeks with my progress. After seeing my PT today I need to start icing my achilles for 10 min 3 times a day.  Following each ice session I am to rub/massage arnica cream on my AT area. I am also on anti-inflammatory pills. No more WB exercises either, just that stretching by putting my knee to the wall one, and heel raises while sitting in a chair whilst tensing my calf muscle. I have to walk with a heel raise in my shoe too, walk shorter and slower steps.

So it could be much worse eh. I see this setback very much as just a timely reminder to me that I am not superhuman and I should not try to prove to myself I can get back to riding (which I REALLY miss) quickly by pushing myself harder. That is tough- to change that way of thinking as riding mountain bikes is all about pushing yourself as hard as you can. I do miss that feeling of pushing myself. It is a 12 month injury and I have in recent weeks looked at that as a goal I need to beat by as much as I can by upping the ante as much as is comfortbale. My body has just reminded me- No you can’t.

So yeah, my advice today- take it easy, I know I need to.

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Sep 10 2011

14 weeks, no surgery - walking, some pain and PT

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Well I am now 14 weeks post ATR. I have been 2 shoes for just over 2 weeks and I feel pretty good. I would say my walk at normal pace is about 90% normal looking and when I slow my pace down it looks even better.

I have also been doing a few half hour sessions on my exercycle, pedalling with what I would describe as about 20% resistance. I have been told to stop using the black theraband by my PT. Just as well as it snapped the other day from putting too much tension through it. The theraband that is, although I got one hell of a fright when I heard the snap!

For the last week I have been experiencing an increase in pain in my tendon and the back of my heel when walking (when on my toes and pushing off) The PT says this is because when I am doing my 2 foot heel raises I am not tensing and working out the calf muscle on my injured leg. This means that when I walk I am relying on the wrong muscles. Her solution is to do 2 foot calf raises but tense my calf muscle on my injured leg heaps and work it heaps. Man it is hard work too! And how often was I advised to do these- as much as possible.

I also find it helps to lean my body slightly so I have more weight on my injured side. When I am doing my heel raises I was also told to do them on a step so I am on my toes with my heels hanging off the edge. When lowering from my heel raises I now go past 0 degrees. I noticed tonight that when I sit on the floor with my legs straight and bring my toes towards me as far as I can both feet stretch to the same point. Yay!

PT also advised me to swim with a flutterboard with some short flippers.  I HATE pools and swimming - can anyone advise me as to how useful you found this exercise to motivate me to get into a pool!

Cheers to all the people who read my blog and  reply, and to all those others who have their own blogs. It does make this recovery easier knowing there more people who know exactly what you are going through. It seems there are a quite a few other mountain bikers on this site so once you recover and if you ever get to NZ and want a tour guide give me a yell!

Take it easy all

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