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Aug 19 2011

10.5 weeks, no surgery - first PT

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Well had my first real PT session today. The physio was happy with my progress since  saw her 4 weeks ago.

In that 4 weeks I have just taken off my boot and compression sock twice a day (lunch for 40 min and night for 1 hour or so) and pointed my toes away and towards me slowly, wrote the alphabet and numbers to 100 with my foot, and pointed my toes left and right. Never did this to the point of pain, only the point of feeling things stretch.

So yeah, she was happy and has got me to do basically the same movements but with a black theraband which is the sixth hardest colour out of the 8 they sell. Usually she does not start with the back but thought I was doing well - Yay for me! I also get to lift my heel up off the ground whilst sitting down, and the other one is whilst having my foot flat on the ground I bring it towards me until I feel a stretch then bring it a little further.

I asked if I could drive, ‘no’. I also asked if I could walk carefully to and from the toilet in the evening sans boot ‘no’ (oops have been doing this for the last 2 weeks, and still will!).

So have next PT at 11.5 weeks where I get to go 2 shoes, SCARY!

Take it easy all.

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