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Aug 11 2011

9.5 weeks, no surgery - no wedges!

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Yeah, went back to the hospital today and was told to remove my final moon boot wedge and start physio. That was cool news but expected as things have been feeling pretty good recently. Have been wearing a compression sock 24/7 since I got the moon boot. Been stretching/moving the ankle twice daily which feels good too. Keeping the boot on in bed (just in case) but taking it off for showering. Will have a moon boot-free sleep tonight though for the first time. Sure I will be sweet now for that…..yeah? Yeah?

Got a teaser form the nurse when I arrived today asking if I brought my other shoe - easy tiger…. I still have a wedge. Then the doc saw me and said no more wedges, then 2 shoes in 2 weeks! That is a cool thought but it will be interesting to see if I feel lost/insecure/vulnerable without the boot. I imagine I will.

Looking forward to starting PT, especially getting on the exercycle soon.

So that is the latest. Take it easy all.

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