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Jul 26 2011

Can I stretch my tendon ‘long’?

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Hi all, just a quick question that popped into my head - I am in my moon boot (no surgery) at just over 7 weeks and have been taking it off 2-3 times a day to stretch my achilles (point my toes up and away from me) and do my ABC’s. Have been stretching for about 10 days. Things are developing very nicely with no pain, just the ‘tightness’. I know a concern of mine is the idea of healing ‘long’.

Am I right in thinking that at this stage I can stretch my tendon by bringing my toes towards me as long as I do not go past 90 degrees? Not that I can get there but am getting close. I am not using bands or anthing to stretch, just sitting on a couch with my ankle and calf resting on a coffee table.

Can you stretch your tendon too much at this stage and make it too long? Does anyone know how much of a stretch is too much? What about the rule ‘any stretch is great as long as there is no pain’? Should I take it easier? Argghhh so many questions!

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Jul 20 2011

First physio appt.

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Well I had my first physio appointment today which went well. No revelations or anything, just good advice which went with what my specialist had told me so it was good to hear they both agreed on the plan. I am now almost 6.5 weeks since ATR, things I were told, and will follow are:

1. To be FWB by Week 7.5 but not to rush into it, there are no prizes for getting FWB any earlier.

2. To wear a compression sock (like the air travel ones) to help avoid DVT.

3. To get my wife to gently massage my leg up to, and including, my knee every night for about 10 mins (Yay!).

4. To exercise my ankle 2-3 times a day by taking off the moon boot and by using my ankle slowly pull my foot towards my shin and away to the point where my achilles feels tight for for about 10 min each. I can also make other ankle movements too as long as it does not cause pain. I also need to work my quadricep my straightening out my leg and tensing the muscle.

5. When I walk in my boot to keep my knee bent so that my hips are level with the ground. this will help avoid any hip/lower back issues.

So basically that is my plan. I have a appointment with the specialist in another 3 weeks and back to the physio after that appointment in 4 weeks. Hope everyone is healing happily.

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Jul 17 2011

5.5 weeks non op - Walking on the moon and DVT

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Yes! Fist significant milestone achieved I went in to see the specialist and got my moon boot. The usual protocol at my local hospital is cast for 6 weeks with toes down, cast for another 2 (less of an ankle angle), cast for another 2 (even less of an ankle angle) then heel raise on your shoe.  I managed t get the boot after 5.5 weeks and am very happy with the call.It is such a nice feeling taking the boot off when I am sitting on the couch and moving my ankle around slightly. Fully reccommed it for anyone thinking to get out of their casts. Am really looking forward to my first bath tonight.

Upon taking the cast off, apart from the amount of loose hair, I saw my muscle had atrophied quite  a lot. I was not at all suprised thanks to the comments and info on this site though, otherwise I may have been. My mountain biking leg now resembles that of a 80 year old ladies’ bingo wing, all saggy and floppy. Still I am not at all concerned about that as it gives me a real good reason to get on my new exercycle (well almost, a mint cond 1969 Tunturi W1 - google it! ) when I am allowed to and work on it while listening to some nice chilled dub tunes I have managed to source on my many weeks on the couch so far. See, there are positives.

What did suprise me however was the amount of swelling and bruising still there. My ankle is really swollen still all around it, and there is some bruising around the sides of my foot by my heel. Any tips for helping the swelling- should I ice it or even keep it raised?

I have 3 wedges in my boot too.The specialist told me that I can take the bottom one out in 2 weeks, then following 2 further weeks I have another appointment with him where I will take another wedge out and be flat footed in the boot. Do not quite realise how that will work if he removes a wedge, I will still have one in there. Is having one wedge in your boot called ‘flat footed’?

I also was told by the specialist to wean myself off my crutches over the next 2 weeks so I will be FWB by week 8. Exciting but scary. I have been practicing rolling heel-toe with two crutches but will wait 3-5 more days  before I start to attempt anything further. Am thinking I will get rid of one crutch first (same side to ATR) then maybe 3-4 days after that go for the FWB.

I was also told by the specialist not to worry about physio until after another 4 weeks when I see him. I did not take that advice though - I have made an appointment at  a local physio (who comes highly recommended) for in another 3 days. The reason for my action is that, as we all know opinions on ATR’s differ so much, I want to get the physio’s opinion on what to do and how we should go from here.

Even if she agrees with the specialist and we have a half hour chat about what the plan will be in 4 weeks time I will be happy. On the flipside I do not want to see her in a months time and for her to say “Oh I would have preferred you to have come in as soon as you were put in the boot”.

There has been a bit of pain in my upper calf, behind my knee, and lower hammy the last few days. I went to the hopsital yesterday and there is a possibility of DVT as the blood results came back with higher than normal readings (D-dimer 850 -whatever that means). I have been given blood thinning injections (clexane) for  the next few days as it is the weekend, and have a appointment on Monday morning for an ultrasound.

Doctor did not say it definitely was DVT but did not say it was not, the ultrasound will reveal all. That was a bit scary but the good thing is that I knew there was a risk due to reading information on this site. Without reading that I would have just thought it was aches from using my muscles for the first time in 6 weeks, and decided I needed to do the man thing and harden up. If the results come back positive I will be truly thankful for this site! If they come back negative I will still be stoked- a win win situation.  Will let you know the outcome on Monday.

Thanks for all the advice and comments so far, it does make a huge difference having people support you that know exactly what is going on.

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Jul 06 2011

Sore hip - any advice

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A quick wee post for this one. I have been getting a sore right hip the last few days (right ATR). I am 4 and a half weeks since ATR, in cast still with pretty much NWB. I have got a steel ‘foot’ on my cast that allows me to rest my leg when standing still. Can’t really walk with the ‘foot ‘using the crutches though, as my toes hit the ground as my foot rolls forward.

1 week to to until I get my moon boot - YAY!

Anyway, does anyone have any exercises/stretches that may help my hip issues?



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Jul 02 2011

4 weeks in- 2 weeks to go! (sort of)

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Yes I am excited! Every week that passes feels good to get behind me. As a school teacher I am used to counting down weeks. Each term starts with the number of weeks to go until the next holidays and the usual 10 week countdown begins. I say usual because this year is differerent. As NZ is hosting the rugby world cup (lowercase letters as I am a football player) the government has changed the dates so our holidays fall between the quarterfinals and the finals. 11,11,10, 8 is the countdown plan this year.

Anyway I am setting myself wee ATR week countdowns to break up the 52 weeks. As I am 4 weeks in I have 2 to go before I return to the hospital. Upon this return I am going to get out of my second ballet toe cast and into a moon boot (hopefully!). Not too sure what will be the plan from there but I image it will be counting down the weeks to get the wedges out, then physio. Ooohh physio.

I am really looking forward to physio starting although I will definitely wait until I am told. As for  most of us, the first few weeks/month(s) or so are the hardest. Just resting with the leg elevated is tough. Well not really tough but boring. Especially as most of us have active lifestyles and are used to moving abut and doing stuff. It feels as though I am doing nothing to help my situation but I keep having to remember to chill out and let my body have a go at healing itself.  I keep reminding myself the less I do at this early stage the better it is for me. Whenever the PT starts it will be nice to be actively doing something to help my recovery.

So there we go that is where my mind is at at the moment. Oh, and I realised another positive the other day- asI have my cast on I only go through my socks half as quick. See this ATR stuff is not at all that bad.

Take it easy all


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