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Jun 18 2011

2 week specialist visit - am I healing?

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Well I have just had my 2 week specialist visit at the local hospital.

Things went ok but I got the impression that the doc had seen this injury far too many times before, he was with me for about 1-2 minutes max. Basically my cast got taken off and then he came in and had a wee feel and poke. He asked where the most pain came from as he did this, and this was my lower calf. He then said “OK we will put you in another cast, foot still pointing down for 4 weeks then will put you in another one for 2 with the foot slightly flatter then see from there.

This was where I asked him about the chances/benefits of being placed in a moon boot instead of a cast. His answer was almost a telling off/lecture based on a greater risk of re-rupture if you take the moon boot option. I gave him my best ‘I would like a moon boot, I have done research about it… please’ face but he did not seem to read it at all. He left the cubicle. Two minutes later he came back and told me that I will be in a cast with a bowler iron (steel brace with small walking pad below the foot) for 4 weeks then I can go into a moon boot. Obviously my ‘I would like a moon boot, I have done research about it… please’ face had a much greater impact than previously thought. Then he took off.

So here I am resting up with another cast which I was told, by the nurses later, means that it is healing - big yay. They also told me I can weight bear on the cast ‘foot pad’ when I like. I am planning on taking it very easy this week (Week 3), then will try to weight bear more when standing upright and stationary for the following 3 weeks of this cast. Want to take it slowly at this point.

My pain is about 1-2/10 during the day, mainly around my whole ankle and a bit on the lower calf. Some nights while sleeping I wake up with the pain about 5/10 but that feels more like a discomfort from the cast being restrictive. I am not taking any pain medication or anything, I like to know what me body is telling me and feels like as much as possible.

Good news on the work front too, I am heading back on Monday, 2 weeks and 2 days after the rupture. I am lucky I am a primary school teacher so will be ok. The kids will be pretty excited about being allowed to get the photocopying, printing, reading books etc so that is all good. I feel a return to work will help speed up the whole process too as my mind will be busy with other things. I will be taking it easy, no worries there. Also it will be easier on my wonderful wife who has been busy looking after me all day as well as our two wee kids.

Thanks to those people relying to my posts. Nice to know of the support out there from strangers, and kinda nice to know my writing does not send people to sleep. Completely anyway.

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