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Jun 08 2011

A NZ’er joining the club

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Hi all,

Looks like you have another achilles tear member. I am 34 and live in New Zealand. I tore my achilles last Saturday (5 June 2011) playing football and am currently spending my days lying on the couch with my right leg elevated above my heart 24 hrs a day. I got my below the knee cast put on the following morning after my tear.

As I am couchridden I have been on the net and have been researching this injury and treatment. My local hospital has a plan of recovery is (if all goes to plan) of 2 weeks in cast where toe points down, 4 weeks in a cast with walking attachment, 2 weeks in a cast with foot in more normal position, then cast off after these 8 weeks and into heel raises on my shoe. It seems different hospitals in NZ have different approaches depending on the preference of the specialists. Some use moonboots, some stick with casts. They all start of with conservative treatment from what I understand.

Now I have been researching and reading about my injury (not much else to do as I am stuck on the couch) and came across that study where after the 2 weeks patients were put into a boot with partial movement. This is basically to get the tendon moving early on in the recovery process to increase bloodflow and promote better healing. It also basically implied that having you foot stuck in a cast with no movement for 8 weeks is not the best option.

Many of you will be aware of the study but if not I have attached these for you to read (if you are interested): (the study) (comment) (a suggested programme)

Now I’m not a doctor but I like what this programme suggests, it makes sense to me.

Now basically I think I want to see if the specialist at the hospital would be interested to allow me to follow this programme. I do not want to come across as some know-it-all who has spent too much time on the internet, he is the specialist after all. In your opinions do you like the approach this takes/would a request like this be ok to ask my specialist? What are your opinions of cast for 8 weeks vs 2 week cast then boot?

Cheers for all your help

a broken mtbrider

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