no matter how you look at it, it is a chunk of your life. Well I have been two shoes for about two weeks and the slow down in progress has begun. I was so used to making mucho progress week to week I guess I expected I would somehow be miraculously running by now. But the humbling truth of good old reality has set in, this is a marathon even though in my mind I was trying to make it a sprint. I do have scar tissue, my tendon is far too short for my leg, and these exercises and stretches don’t seem to be doing much good. My calf now that the swelling has subsided looks like a wiggley jiggly piece of flubber??? But the tendon is working, I was able to ride the bike yesterday for 20 minutes with some resistance. And I did some leg presses and quad raises with the bad leg. We all know with this injury comes good days and bad days, I have not really had any real bad days but I do have “real” days…and today is a real day. A day that the reality of this injury is hitting home. I must stay positive, do the work the PT gives me and have faith that I will heal completely. Anything less than completely in my mind is unacceptable. For the newbies, my life at 8 weeks is nearly the same as before the injury, minus the athletic activities…and ironically I now understand how much those activities had a positive effect on the rest of my life. And I can not recommend the VACO brace enough. If you are just getting started in this look for it, it is super light and not as hot as the bledsoe boot, that thing looks like a foot jail to me. And I am not getting paid to promote it, just believe it helped me get back to walking sooner than most. Mark OUT.

  1. matt Says:


    I have a boot that doesn’t bend at the ankle like the VACO. I’m putting full weight on it but its been hard not to walk like a pirate with a peg leg. Physical therapy has been huge. I started a week earlier than my doctor recommended (I have a PT friend who offered free services) and my ROM is so much better.

    I agree with statement about stuff getting back to normal. At 6 weeks, I’m starting to get around much better and my foot feels good. I’m going to drive next week, so after that things should be much better.

    It is a marathon….. gotta remember that!


  2. andrew5600 Says:

    Hi Mark, I suffered ATR exactly 5 weeks ago and from day 1, I was fitted with a Bledsoe Boot. Can you explain in details how VACO helped you get back to walking sooner? And when did you begin your PT? I have an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon this friday and I am anxious to find out whether he will give me the go ahead sign or not. I only have two wedges on the boot and opted to take conservative approach instead. I am a healthy 30 year old male, 6′2″, 220 lbs

    Do you think it’s possible to walk (not run) without the boot at say…week 8?

  3. mark Says:


    I am at week 8 and I only wear the boot in dangerous situations like golf and coaching my kids baseball team. So yes walking at 8 weeks should not be a problems, You said conservative approach, did you have surgery? The VACO boot I believe had a lot of adjustments the bledsoe does not have and it is super light. It has a vacuum system that conforms to your leg and is adjustable from 30% to 15% down to zero with full range of motion. I started PT at week 6 but to be honest the when he gave me the boot at week 4 I was already doing my own stretches at home. He formally prescribed PT at 6 weeks. The PT has been awesome, had a visit today and picked up another 16 degrees of rom and had good strength in the injured leg. Almost can walk without a limp. We worked a lot of calf raises and theraband stretches. This blog is amazing to give you the confidence and knowledge to take control of your recovery. Remember surgeons do not want a re- rupture so they are a little conservative. Just listen to your body and you will be fine. My goal is to run a mile at 12 weeks. Not sure if I will get there but I am going to give it my all.

  4. andrew5600 Says:

    Conservative Approach? By that, I meant to say ‘non surgical approach’ where my injured leg is fitted with this hefty boot pretty much 23 hours a day…sigh. Did you have a choice between VACO and BLEDSOE? Here in Canadian soil, I was fitted with Bledsoe Boot. The sad thing is that I wouldnt have known which brand offered distinctive advantage over one another, even if they had given me a choice. At any rate, did you have surgery? And are you able to walk without using your boot? If thats the case, I am so envious! My only wish is to be able to perform light jogs at week 12 ish..

    One more question, my PT prescribed me a resistant free stationary bike riding for 5-10 min to improve ROM? What were some of the exercises you were prescribed with and do they seem to work?

    thanks again

  5. top shoes Says:

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