Yesterday, I took my first airplane trip since the surgery to Colorado. It wasn’t the most comfortable in a boot, but I was able to get rides to the gates and cut through security so there were some benefits to being injured.

The trip to Colorado is to support a friend who is completing a goal of 50 marathons in 50 states to raise money for cancer research. I think it aligns well with marathon theme of the achilles blog and if any fellow bloggers want to check it out the website is here.

My update

Last week, one day before 5 weeks I had my 3rd Dr. visit, he said I was progressing well, to work toward 0-30 flexion in the Vaco and he prescribed 4 weeks of PT. The next day I began PT with a former Michigan State University athletic trainer who knows how to work with people who want to get back to playing.  PT is 3 times a week, and has consisted of various seated exercises, massage and hydrotherapy which I have been doing on my own.  Injured calf measured 36.7cm good calf 38.7.

After 5 sessions in Michigan I continued PT in Colorado, today she had me stand for the the first time and put weight on the injured leg, I also went on a seated bike without the boot and pedaled very slowly.

I am concerned about some redness at the top of the scar and thought maybe I had an infection. The PT said she didn’t think it was infection but maybe cellulitis she contacted my Dr. and and sent a picture. My Dr. said not to be concerned and it is just a side effect of PT. I have been putting cortisone on it which helps with itching. She also recommended some compression socks.

Did everyone read this? Kobe Bryant says he has ‘shattered’ the recovery time for a torn Achilles tendon

@cgroer at the beach 6 days out awesome!