Rupture, awesome recovery, OPEN rerupture with an insane wound!

Well her is a story about a 40 year old man who has a really tough year with his Achillies Tendon. In March of 2012 I was in the best shape of my life. I had recently qualified for the Alcatraz Triathon by doing and indoor sprint Tri 500 meter swim (10 min) 10 mile bike ride 25 mins, and a 5k in 20 minutes. I had been training for the OC 1/2 Marathon and my tempo pace was in the low six minute miles. I also had been doing Krav Maga 3 days per week. I wa doing Kettlebells 3 days per week, dips, and pull ups.

On April 3, 2012 is the day things changed. I went to a Krav Maga class (Isreali fighting system) and I was kneeing a pad pretty hard and I felt andheard a large pop in the back of my leg. I spun around because I thought I had been kicked from behind and there was no one there. I intended to go back to the drill and felt an insane pain in my Left heel. I hooped to the seating area and the instructors asked if I had heard a “pop” I said yes. One instructor said I was pretty screwed and I wound need to see a doctor.

I left the class and hooped to my car 200 yards, drove myself to a past physcial therapist/friend. He did the Thompson test and informed me that I was going to be getting a surgery!

I have some friends that are orthopedic surgeons and they referred me to my Suregeon who specialized in lower extremities. I named dropped alittle and got myself into a Wednesday morning appointment and scheduled a Thursday AM surgery.

April 5, 2012 Surgery went well and boy did it hurt.

April 13 (41st Birthday) and I got the cast off (end of Week 1) NWB

April 17 & 19 Started PT - Inversion/eversion, scar mobilization, crunches and leg lifts. (end of week 2) NWB

April 24 & 26 - Inversion/eversion (Planterflection/Dorsoflection) with Therabands, cruches, leg lifts and stationary bike 10 minutes. (end of week 3) 20% PWB
April 30 May 2- cold laser Therapy

May 1 & 3 I/E P/D 20 minutes on the Bike, Leg lifts, (end of week 4) 50%PWB, cold laser, ultrasound

May 8 & 10 75% PWB (one crutch) cold laser, ultrsound

May 15 & 17 FWB

May 22 - 45 minutes of swimming

June 6, 2 shoes with 5/17 lift

June 29 - no more show lift.

July 7 - Open rerupture OPEN ATR  RERUPTURE I lounged forward too early in my recovery. I thought the worst would be it would hurt but not reburst.

July 9 - Surgery for Achillies and the perpendicular open wound keflex

July 13 - Wound Check, new cast, keflex

July 20 Wound Check, new cast keflex

July 27 Wound Check, new cast discontinued keflex

July 31, Wound Check, new cast, removed stitches

August 10, Boot, Start at my previous week 2 of PT Which means I will not be 2 shoe until Mid Septmber or early October.