I’m scheduled for my Achilles surgery in 4 short hours. Getting nervous about the surgery, but I’m more nervous about the recovery.

It’s funny where you end up when it’s least expected .  I had plenty of plans and things on my plate for the summer, the first being a BD party for my one year old grandson, on June 7.  Who knew everything would be so thrown up in the air that day.

Joining in a volleyball game with my son (average player age about 45) where most players were wearing wrist and knee braces and had some decent sized bellies it sounded like some benign fun.  An hour in and playing pretty well I simple leaned forward for a ball and BAM I went down.

It’s  funny how quick the mind thinks. As I was falling I HOPED, as I turned, I would see the player behind me reaching down and apologizing for stepping on my foot. I heard the pop and felt the stab of pain and knew no one would be standing behind me and the summer plans were right out the window!

Twelve hours from now I’ll be convalescing in my makeshift hospital room and figuring it all out.

Follow along right here if you’d like. Wish me luck.