4 Months and bad news

The last 4 months have been quite a journey. Sadly I’ve had a setback. Over the last months sutures have discharged from my wound (about 3) plus a longer suture which was stuck in the wound. This one is, apparently, non dissolvable and has got infected. Looks like I need further surgery. [...]

Wound soreness

I’m now just under 11 weeks post op following a full rupture.  My progress is ok, I’m walking unaided in my house and with 1 crutch outside the house (mainly as a precaution).  My tendon is still tight and I still get a bit of swelling, all this is as expected.  My concern is that [...]

1st Steps!

8 and a half weeks after my op I’ve just taken my first unaided steps.  For me this represented a mental move forward as I’ve completely lost confidence in my ankle to support me. Basically I walked around my bed with small steps landing on my heel.  A small move but I’m elated!!

Week 4 - Into the Boot!

After 5 weeks in a cast (4 weeks post op) I’m finally in a boot.  It’s a big leap forward as I can now wash my damaged leg.  On an evening I can take it off and watch tv with a naked, elevated leg.  It’s difficult to describe how liberating this all is.  As for [...]

Week 4 Post Op

A couple of random thoughts as I’m now 4 weeks post op. When I’ve had my cast changed, I’ve never felt the urge to rub my damaged leg.  It’s as if the leg isn’t part of me until it works…. Very odd.  I’m also becoming a bit fearful of actually starting to put weight on [...]

Achilles goes ‘Pop’ (Leeds, UK)

Day 1 - The Injury
On 10th March I played 5 a side football as I often tried to do on a weekend. It was about 10 minutes before the end of the game when I ran forward to pick up a loose ball. Nobody was near me and as I [...]