Wound soreness

I’m now just under 11 weeks post op following a full rupture.  My progress is ok, I’m walking unaided in my house and with 1 crutch outside the house (mainly as a precaution).  My tendon is still tight and I still get a bit of swelling, all this is as expected.  My concern is that my wound is still very sore.  It feels very tender almost like a blister.  It feels uncomfortable to wear shoes.  Is this normal at this stage?  My PT suggested I ‘may’ have a suture in the wound…. Any thoughts on the tender/soreness?

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  1. Definetly a possibility that a suture may be within the wound. My doctor removed my stitches in week 3. He removed all but right before he cleaned it he noticed 2 more when the light hit it. Then he removed the remaining. Hope all is well and your discomfort subsides…

  2. Kenstar 2 - Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. It confirms my suspicions. I think I need to get it checked as soon as possible. ….

  3. In addition to missed surface sutures, we’ve had a number of folks here who’ve had deep sutures — maybe mostly the supposedly dissolving kind? — that caused problems. GerryR comes to mind, but there have been 1 or more others since. Check the surface ones first, for sure. Most simple tissue healing happens in about 6 weeks, I’ve been told…

  4. Thanks normofthenorth…. I’ll have a trawl of the old blogs to check the experiences of GerryR and others

  5. Did you get your tendon augmented with the plantaris tendon? If yes, this will cause some soreness and irritation as the augmented tendon will have show some “lumpiness” and will rub against regular shoes.

  6. Houseman - thanks for your comments. I believe I had my tendon stitched without any augmented tendon. It’s an interesting thought and I need to check this to make sure!

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