1st Steps!

8 and a half weeks after my op I’ve just taken my first unaided steps.  For me this represented a mental move forward as I’ve completely lost confidence in my ankle to support me. Basically I walked around my bed with small steps landing on my heel.  A small move but I’m elated!!

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  1. Congrats! Did it hurt at all at PWB or FWB?

  2. Hi kimjaz

    Thanks for your message

    I experienced no pain from the actual walking but my foot still feels tight across the top of the ankle and the actual wound is a bit sore/sensitive from rubbing from the walker boot and trainers. My major issue is the mental side of putting full weight on my foot. I’m not ‘pushing off’ from my toes yet to ensure my achilles isn’t under undue pressure until I’ve built it up a bit. My walk was a bit flat footed like a babies!

  3. Congrats!! I started taking my first steps on Monday. Very scary, isn’t it? Keep at it and watch your step!

  4. Congratulations! The 1st bit is the hardest and a lot of it is about “the mental game” yeah it feels scary, but pain will guide you, don’t try and go too fast and you will be fine, it takes quite a while to be able to “push off” at the end of the stride, try to walk “normally” though without turning the foot out to the side too much, just take lots of shorter steps :) good luck!

  5. Jason:

    Are you scheduled for any physical therapy? I’m about 6 weeks into mine and it sometimes shocks me how much goes into walking and how much I took it for granted before this injury. To me it is important to progress at a proper pace and rebuild the strength in your legs and flexibility in your ankle before trying to progress too far and too fast. Once you build those basics back up, your confidence will follow. My therapist is a stickler for getting the walk technique down which includes a lot of factors. Hell, he even wants me to get my hip motion right. What do I know about hip motion when walking, I’m a guy. LOL

  6. Thanks for your comments jeniferanderson, beralic and starshep!

    I’m trying really hard to avoid any sideways motion and keeping to very short (flat footed) forward steps. I started PT about 2 weeks ago, my foot movement downwards is ok but I can only get to around 90 degrees on my up movement. It’ll be a while until I’m pushing off properly!!! Starshep, I think your PT is doing a good job from what you’ve said. Mine is less strict but follows the same principles.

    Good luck all!

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